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Love the modern code base, it feels very lean and efficient. Had a usability issue, and the author fixed it within a week! Highly recommended. It will only keep getting better.


Hi Cory, fman author here. Sorry for the difficulty selecting files. Do I understand correctly that you are on Mac?

Thanks for the reply. I'm on Windows 10.

Thanks for letting me know. I will do my best to implement this soon. Particularly important given fman's recent addition of a context menu.

This is awesome, thanks. Updated my rating for sure, let me know when it's implemented and I'll give it another go.

Will do!

I just released fman 1.0.9 that lets you select items by mouse :-) Shift+Spacebar is (not) yet supported, but I hope that already helps you Cory?

Awesome, updated my review :). Great work, now I can try it out better.

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I like the Sublime Text inspired look and feel, and it has potential, but it's not quite there yet (for me).

I understand that functionality can be added through plugins, but there are few of them so far. So, basic/useful information that one would expect in a file manager is missing. E.g. Only the columns Name, Size, and Modified are shown. No others, such as "Date Added", "Date Accessed", "Kind", etc. can be added/removed.

Also, I find it a little slow (not deadly slow, but a bit janky) to load and scroll through folders with even a modest number of files. What's a modest number? Well, that's something that's missing from fman. There is no summary information about a folder, so I had to open Finder for that. FTR it's about 2200 files.

fman has great potential, and I'll keep an eye on the project, but I'm taking a pass for now.

FTR, I'm using fman on MacOS 10.13.6 with a fairly new and well spec'd MacBook Pro


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Minimalistic, configurable, extensible.


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Need keyboard shortcuts to use