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Comment by GigiBL
about Dopamine · Dec 2017 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

it's the best player you can get. they update it as often. i can relax and enjoy my music at ease.


It has it's problems...

Comment by khidreal
about Dopamine and Zune Software, foobar2000 · Apr 2017 · Helpful Not helpful -6 Helpful Report as spam

Dopmaine is a greate music player and organizer, it plays songs correctly, rarely saw a bug on the program, but, as the title says, has it's problems...

  • as you may see on pretty much all screenshots, there are those menus (artists, genres, songs, playlists) that are there consuming memory, even after the developer agreed - a long time ago - that they consume a lot of memory that could be spared... nothing has been done till now.
  • it's not that simple; if you are looking for a music player that is simple and lightweight, you won't find it on Dopamine. the dev is constantly adding ideas from the people that post on github and forget - in my opinion - about improving performance and interface. you get options to search a music online (video or lyrics), Last.FM scrobbling, etc.
  • performance... if you seek lightweight, forget dopamine. if you are a gamer like me, you'll find 120MB of ram comsumption too much. do you know how many ram Windows media Player uses to play your songs? 20MB... I've have warned the dev, a long time ago, about dopamine consumption, but he does not want to re-write Dopamine, it gives too much work... With a bit of Work I am sure Dopamine could become even more responsive and use less than 50MB of ram.

anyway, if you are looking for a lightweight music player, try foobar2000, it's the king on low memory usage. if you want something as beautiful and responsive as Dopamine, use Zune software... really, Zune - a discontinued program by microsoft - is even more beautiful than Dopamine and it's a media player, meaning you can watch videos and images on it, not just listen to music. Zune is discontinued, but I traded Dopmaine for Zune anyway, it uses the same ammount of ram as Dopmaine uses, does not has bugs and it even supports background images... it's discontinued but don't fear you get hacked or get virus because of it, been using it for more or less a year and nothing happened. besides, Zune looks amazing on windows 10.


Your conclusion ruined your entire comment