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  1.  Extensible by Plugins/Extensions
  2.  Ad-free
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  4.  Dark Mode
  5.  Portable
  6.  Lightweight
  7.  Lossless Audio
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Top positive commentMar 20, 2015

I was trying music management software from top to bottom. Foobar, itunes, winamp, etc. MusicBee was 6 or 7th position. The first ones disappointed me for one reason or another. And my last chance was this one MusicBee. I was not expecting very much. And what a surprise! This player is amazing! It has a lot of features and it a lot of settings... It is an amazing piece of software. It is light and works perfectly. I am in love with it. Give it a chance!

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Top positive commentMar 8, 2012

MusicBee is mostly maintained and created by one man Stephen Mayall. This is the biggest strength because the passion of the developer makes sure that most or ALL of the drawbacks of the player are smoothed out as soon as the user complains about it in the forums. if they can't be due to a reason then SM mentions it in the replies.

The interface of the player is the BEST I have seen so far in managing so many complicated views and information for any playing track. This player is what I use for arranging the 7000+ mp3s in my folders in any way I want. As mentioned before, the seamless integration and ability to resync playcount allows one to format their pc and start fresh without having to worry about their playcount as per the player stats.

The online tagging system of the software is great though I personally still prefer Picard. But I must admit the album art collection in UNSURPASSED even in dedicated softwares for album art collection.

This along with a lot other features make this the best music player that money (it's free but still) can buy!

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Top negative commentJun 29, 2021

Where's Opus support? Owner took it out, and in latest versions does not work even if it has the codec in "Codecs" folder, why would anyone take the best most modern open source codec out?

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Reply written Jan 24, 2022

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Positive commentFeb 13, 2024

What I really like:

  1. I can have random playback like >>random album>>playback of album randomly
  2. Syncing to Smartphone
  3. Waveform seekbar
  4. Good community

What I don't like:

  1. Not open source
  2. No linux support
  3. Settings menu...
  4. DO NOT USE "send to/move to folder" ("senden an/in Ordner verschieben")! It literally led to all my music files landing in a single folder. All my covers being overwritten, 2 day recovery operation and my playlists being gone (as a result of forgetting to backup my musicbee database)!
  5. Backup your playlists, musicbee database and your playlists in an open format like m3u8 lads.

Conclusion: MusicBee is a very nice piece of software. Just beware that there are some flaws.

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Positive comment
Pending approval • Edited Nov 11, 2023

my favorite offline music player since years .. portable, lightweight, customizable interface, easy tags and cover art editor, and more ..

it's very rich featured app with alot of settings and plugins..

it's maybe confusing and overwhelming in the beginning, but it's very good set and forget stable player ..

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Positive commentMay 20, 2023

MusicBee was able to open an old itunes library and consider the "date when file was added", while an old iTune version didn't do that. You can also change the speakers while playing, it will continue to play. If you have lost files in your library, you can indicate one of the album and it will find the other by itself. You can also retrieve the track tags based on the file names or on the few tags already present. You can also give global keyboards shortcuts to play/pause/go next/go last.

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ReviewMay 7, 2023

It would be nice if it could import the lyrics file.

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