Bandizip is a powerful archiver which provides an ultrafast processing speed and convenient features. Available free of charge, and its paid editions support a variety of advanced features.

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      Giving Bandizip 4 stars for now, because I am not sure it is worth 5 yet. Not because I know it has some flaws or lacks something, as much as because I started using it only a couple days ago. The reason I am giving it readily already 4 stars, is because it felt to me as good as Haozip. Throughout the years, I have had went through many different archiver tools, which I am not going to mention here, as I did not really care much for them. 7zip indeed is probably the best when it comes to simplicity and standing the test of time. It is simple, fast and does it job. Along with it I used to use FreeArc, as Arc compressing is still up to today the best compression tool when it comes to large files (obviously not every kind) compared to other formats. For that reason after different tools I ended up using Peazip, that had a "nice UI", but also supported compressing with ARC format. Sadly Peazip, as great as it is and "nice" it looked, if you use it for a while, it does not feel that great. Dragin and dropping straight from inside a compressed file to a folder does not seem to work that well. I hate how when you do do an action, by default it minimizes and maximizes and you definitely can not run files straight from inside the zip file, at least not if it's a program that requires all the files inside the zip, as Peazip, like 7zip, will only extract the specific file you ran in temp, but not the rest. Now after Peazip, I went to Haozip. Unlike Peazip, it felt way more user friendly, better put together and less glitchy and not clunky at all. I have used it's v3 for years and later on a v5 that I found translated to English. It had the feature to run programs straight from within the compressed file (even if it required all the files within the compressed file) working perfectly like Winrar. Dragging and dropping felt like a smooth process and batch compressed files felt faster and better than Peazip (add each folder/file to a separatcom, compressed file). In general it was enjoyable to use. By now though I got tired of all the chinese crapware Haozip came with. It does not even matter if all the malwarereports VirusTotal are true or not, as it actually fills up your PC either way with a load of Chinese crap, bad or not. Here is where Bandizip came before a handful of days, with me just wanting to try it out cause I saw it on my Boss's laptop and made me curious. Bandizip actually gives me the same feeling as Haozip did, minus all the Chinese crapware! What though made me ecstatic was when I dragged an dropped a file from a folder and rather than the file being first copied to a temp file and then the Windows copy tool kick in to copy it where I dragged and dropped it, the file was copied straight where I wanted by Bandizip! I get the feeling sooner or later I will come back here and will give it 5 stars and rather than talk about other programs, I will write my thoughts about Bandizip =D
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