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AutoSizer isn't very useful anymore, sadly. Looking for an alternative!

Comment by menace97
about AutoSizer · Jul 2017 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

I have absolutely loved using AutoSizer over the years. It has made many annoyances, well, less annoying. And now I am finding that for whatever reason, AutoSizer itself is becoming annoying. It just doesn't seem to be able to handle simple instructions anymore. I would take a wild guess that perhaps 25% of the things I would go to AutoSizer to remedy, can no longer solve issues. And the ones that work don't seem to have any correlation with each other that I can see... some windows/frames simply work and others just don't. It will handle very simple instructions like maximizing windows that you always want maximized, but if you wish to have a window open in the same location at the same dimensions every time, it's a crapshoot. I have ONE frame that will open to exact specifications that I have asked AutoSizer to follow beautifully, and all the rest... just open. No error, no message (the log isn't helpful anymore either).

It simply isn't reliable at all anymore, and I am now realizing it is silly to be using something that can only accomplish a quarter of the things I need done, when I'm sure there is a product that will do this all of the time. If anyone has an "alternative to" AutoSizer that you would recommend, I would very much appreciate pointing me in the right direction. The ones that I see on this website that may be good candidates might be Actual Window Manager, DeskSoft WindowManager and there are a number of apps that do so many different things, I find it confusing to find something that AutoSizer specifically did so well for some time.

Thanks for any assistance... much appreciated! :)