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Ardour Features

  1.  Non Destructive EditingArdour can make changes to a file without overwriting the original data, which remains available in case you want to revert to it.
  2.  Support for VST PluginsArdour support third-party Virtual Studio Technology (VST) plugins.
  3.  Music SequencerRecord, edit, or play back music with Ardour, by handling note and performance information.
  4.  Works OfflineArdour can be used without the need to connect to the internet.
  5.  Extensible by Plugins/ExtensionsArdour can be extended with add-ons, plugins and extensions.
  6.  Lossless AudioArdour has lossless audio support, basically studio quality sound.
  7.  Ad-freeArdour doesn't contain any form of external advertising.
  8.  Live PerformanceListen to and adjust your music productions with Ardour based on incoming audio in real time.
  9.  Support for MIDIArdour includes MIDI hardware and software support to record and import audio.
  10.  Virtual InstrumentArdour uses mainy virtual instruments (piano, guitar, drums, bass, etc.).
  11.  Music LooperArdour supports a grid of musical loops and phrases that you can trigger and manipulate in real time.

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Top positive comment

I am recently moving from Bitwig (say no more) and am looking for alternative software and i must say that i am impressed with Ardour 5. The payment system is very fair by allowing the user/s to pay what they think it is worth which is a good and honest model which is clearly working. Ardour is working seamlessly on linux and, after playing around with the demo, will definately be contributing to this project in the near future.

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Heiko Idensen
Top positive comment

Best Open Source Audio Recorder & Editing Software for Linux :-)

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Top negative comment
• Edited

dont get me wrong its a great Open Source/FLOSS DAW.

BUT: it is Open Source but its not free if you want to use it on for example Windows.

either you have to Compile the software from source on your own, pay a subscribtion or do a single payment. the only way to get it free is to use a Linux distro and download it for free through flatpak or from the built in "app store".

The Software is FLOSS, but not accessible for all as someone else says in a comment here. Because not all users have the time or knowledge to compile from source. "its so Proffessional", yeah sure. but so is Cubase, Pro Tools, Logic Pro and every other DAW you pay for. its not saying it costs money on the frontpage, its when you try to and click the download button, you get paywalled.

Edit: its easy to compile on Linux, but on Windows, there not even a guide how to do it...

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Chris C.

Having a paywall makes it hard to try out the software first. This seems to be a trend recently (like StreamFX for OBS). It's probably going to continue, but at least the cost is low. They should make it clear that you have to pay on the front page. Hopefully we're not far off from being able to ask Bing to compile the source code for us on Windows.

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Positive comment
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Ardour is a great DAW to use for musicians or anyone working in sound design, audio engineering, podcasting, film, music, all-around basic audio editing sessions, etc. Even as a Pro Tools / Logic Pro user for years, Ardour is a great alternative and it was pretty easy to learn to use. Use their website manual, forum page or even ask Bing Chat to find the features you are looking for on it. I was glad to see all the features I used in Pro Tools / Logic were there, and more. Most of your essential editing features are easy to find though. It's one of my main DAWs I use regularly. Although it was made natively on to run Linux, you will enjoy that the developers also make it available for download on macOS and Windows through their website too. I especially enjoy that this software is licensed in GPLv2 which allows me to install Ardour on all of my computers with ease. Highly recommend Ardour!

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Negative comment

Unstable, complicated, regularly had to spend ages digging through forum posts and complicated setting windows to get audio input and output working. Ended up buying Bitwig instead after giving it a try, a decision that I absolutely don't regret.

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David Eltz
Positive comment

Ardour is a professional-grade DAW that's accessible to all. It can be compiled from source for free, or installed by packages for a small donation ($1). Fully-featured, actively developed, and with plenty of extensibility through plugin support.

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Is there any comprehensive compilation guide out there for Windows users?

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