Nextclound 18 includes Nextcloud Hub, a fully integrated suite of collaboration software

almost 2 years ago by IanDorfman

Cloud-based collaborative productivity and office suite Nextcloud's latest release includes a new way to access and collaborate using all of its apps called Nextcloud Hub.

Nextcloud Hub is a new way for enterprise users to facilitate collaboration for employees without data and privacy compliance risks by being installed and hosted completely on-premises. This enables businesses to utilize Small Nextcloud iconNextcloud applications within a corporate "intranet" without losing their collaborative capabilities.

Nextcloud Hub is focused on smoothing workflow without compromising collaborative ability. On top of being self-hosted to mitigate security risks, it's also fully open source, meaning that all of the code can be audited or customized to the specific needs of your business. Its built-in support for Small ONLYOFFICE iconONLYOFFICE allows for everyone on the network to be able to edit Small Microsoft Office Suite iconMicrosoft Office Suite documents without fear of formatting incompatibility or subscription snafus.

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