Best Free Windows 10 System Maintenace Utilities - August 2019 Update

These are the best free tools to keep your system updated, clean, and optimized.

Suggested Monthly Maintenance Routine

  1. Create a restore point and backup important files to a cloud storage provider.
  2. Update the OS via Windows Update.
  3. Update drivers with Snappy Driver Installer Origin.
  4. Uninstall unused programs with Revo Uninstaller.
  5. Update installed software using SUMo.
  6. Remove leftovers from Windows Update using PatchCleaner.
  7. Update CCleaner using CCEnhancer.
  8. Remove junk files and clean registry with CCleaner.
  9. Disable or delete unnecessary startup programs using Autoruns.

  • Maintenance

    Windows 10 does a good job on its own, but if you want to ensure that your system works at peak performance, these tools will help, especially if your computer is slow to boot or shut down. This maintenance procedure can also help solve other problems.

  • Snappy Driver Installer Origin

    Free Windows Website

    Find and install the latest drivers for your hardware.

    Click "Application Only" on the downloads page.
    Unzip the installer package and double click the exe that begins with SDIO_x64. On the Welcome screen, select "Download Indexes Only" and wait a few seconds for the program to update.

    You do not need to download all of the driver packs (i.e. do not click "Click here to start the download" at the top of the screen). Click "Create a restore point", select any newer/more optimal drivers you want, and then click Install in the red box in the left column.


    Snappy Driver Installer Origin icon
  • Revo Uninstaller

    Freemium Windows Android Website

    Uninstall programs and all leftovers.

    Double click a program to uninstall. Wait for the program's uninstaller to finish, and then select the Advanced scanning mode and click Scan. Under most circumstances, you can delete everything that Revo Uninstaller finds.

    Note do not use Revo Uninstaller to remove Steam games or applications that are part of a shared suite of programs. For example, do not try to use it to remove Photoshop from Creative Cloud.


    Revo Uninstaller icon
  • SUMo

    Freemium Windows Website

    Find updates for your installed software.

    1. Launch SUMo, close the wizard, click Options, and check "Show file path".
    2. Click Scan and wait for the scan to finish detecting your installed software.
    3. Click Check and wait for the program to find any available updates.

    Check the File Path column in the list of updates. Do not update programs that are installed as part of another program. For example, do not update 7-Zip installed under C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVIDIA GeForce Experience.

    Although SUMo provides an update link for each program, you should search for the program via Google and install the latest version that's available from the program's official website.


    SUMo icon
  • PatchCleaner

    Free Windows Website

    Remove orphaned patch and update files.

    1. Start PatchCleaner.
    2. Click Delete to remove orphaned files.


    PatchCleaner icon
  • CCEnhancer

    Free Windows CCleaner Website

    Add support for many additional programs to CCleaner.

    1. Start CCEnhancer.
    2. Click Download Latest to update CCleaner.


    CCEnhancer icon
  • CCleaner

    Freemium Mac Windows Android Android Tablet Website

    Remove junk files and outdated registry entries safely.

    When installing, be sure to uncheck "Install CCleaner Browser".
    After the install finishes, launch CCleaner and then:

    • Click Options > Settings and uncheck "Run CCleaner when the computer starts".
    • Click Smart Cleaning and uncheck "Tell me when there are junk files to clean" and "Enable Smart Cleaning"
    • Click Privacy and uncheck "Help improve CCleaner by sending anonymous usage data"


    CCleaner icon
  • Tweaks

    Increase performance, stability, and security of your system and personalize it as you see fit.

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