Security and Privacy Enhancing Firefox Add-ons

  • uBlock Origin

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    uBlock Origin is the most efficient ad blocker of its kind. This will protect against malvertising, some malicious sites, corporate user tracking (to some extent) as well as speed up loading times, remove ads, and prevent WebRTC from leaking local IPv6 addresses even when connected to a VPN.
    You can find a uBlock Origin backup file containing filter lists that I recommend and personally use here. (Ctrl + S to save the backup file and then import it by clicking the "Restore from file..." button at the bottom of the "Settings" tab, select the backup file in the dialog box that will pop up, go to the "3rd-party filters" tab and click the yellow "Update now" button). The WebRTC leak prevention setting is not selected, so if you are going to be using a VPN or otherwise don't care about missing content on sites using WebRTC, activate it in the "Settings" tab. Add whatever regional filters are relevant to your browsing habits in the "3rd-party filters" tab, otherwise you will probably see some ads on the non-English sites you visit. The filter list is sometimes a bit aggressive when it comes to blocking domains, so if it gets in the way of your browsing too much, delete or deactivate it. The same can be said about Blockzilla to a small degree, but it's not nearly as bad. If you want descriptions of what each and every filter list blocks or want to add subscriptions yourself, check out


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  • uMatrix

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    uMatrix contains similar ad blocking functionality as Small uBlock Origin iconuBlock Origin via host files, though it can't handle cosmetic filters/element hiding, only network filters, aka domain blocking. It also has several other features like sandboxing and deletion of cookies and web storage from blacklisted domains which are defined by the same filter lists that ad blockers use, scheduled deletion of session cookies and cache, hyperlink auditing (tracking technique) prevention, HTTP referer blocking (I recommend letting Small Referer Control iconReferer Control handle that though, so that you are able to whitelist sites that break), and strict HTTPS (blocking of unencrypted HTTP content - called mixed content - from being loaded into HTTPS pages).
    As for which extension to use when it comes to uMatrix and uBlock Origin, if you want a full-fledged ad blocker with element hiding and not just domain blocking, then use uBlock Origin. If you like uMatrix features, like how it handles sandboxes and deletes cookies from blocked domains, use uMatrix. Nothing says that you can't use both either. Using hosts files in uMatrix while at the same time using filter lists with cosmetic filter rules in uBlock Origin is a totally viable option.
    You can find a uMatrix backup file containing filter lists that I recommend and personally use here. (Ctrl + S to save the backup file and then import it by clicking the "Restore from file..." button at the bottom of the "About" tab, select the backup file in the dialog box that will pop up, go to the "Hosts files" tab, click the "Auto-update hosts files." checkbox and click the yellow "Update now" button). In case you want to combine uMatrix with uBlock Origin, here is a backup file for uBlock Origin that only contains the filter lists that uMatrix can't handle. If you want descriptions of what each and every filter list blocks or want to add subscriptions yourself, check out


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  • NoScript

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    NoScript can block all scripts except for scripts whitelisted by the user or only scripts on selected sites as well as other security threats like XSS attacks and clickjacking. Blocking all scripts will break a lot of pages, so I have it set to allow all scripts and temporarily set it to block all scripts on less reputable websites. Some websites only use scripts to generate pop-up windows and NoScript is an excellent solution to that kind of aggressive and annoying advertising.


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  • Privacy Badger

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    Privacy Badger is an add-on developed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) that blocks online trackers. While uBlock Origin also does this with the right filter lists, Privacy Badger uses behavioural heuristics and can therefore block trackers that are not in any filter list yet.


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  • Decentraleyes

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    Decentraleyes prevents tracking from major content delivery networks by blocking requests to those CDNs and replacing the files with local files to keep sites from breaking. Use both Decentraleyes and Load from Cache for the best results.


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  • Load from Cache

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    Load from Cache forces Firefox to load all requests from cache if the resource is in the cache already. This results in almost no CDN tracking, faster pageloads and less bandwidth usage. May cause problems with Flash content. Use both Decentraleyes and Load from Cache for the best results.


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  • HTTPS Everywhere

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    HTTPS Everywhere is an add-on developed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) that encrypts communications on supported HTTPS sites. Most major sites are supported, as well as a lot of less known sites.


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  • Self-Destructing Cookies

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    Self-Destructing Cookies automatically clears a site's cookies and local storage after the site has been closed. By default it does not work with sites that have been whitelisted via Firefox's settings, but that can be fixed by following the instructions on the add-on's Mozilla Add-ons page. I personally like to have cookies disabled on all sites except for whitelisted sites via Firefox's privacy settings.


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  • BetterPrivacy

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    BetterPrivacy removes LSOs (Local Shared Objects, aka Flash cookies) when the browser is closed and can be set to automatically remove LSOs on set intervals. It will remove some things that Self-Destructing Cookies is unable to remove, so get both add-ons.


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  • RequestPolicy

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    RequestPolicy blocks cross-site requests (content loaded from external domains), which prevents tracking and Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks. The default setting is to block all cross-site requests, and have the user whitelist domains. If you're going to use RequestPolicy, I suggest setting it to allow requests by default and block requests from domains listed in RequestPolicy's official-deny_trackers.json subscription, which is a lot less of a hassle than manually whitelisting domains and doesn't produce as many broken sites.


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  • Random Agent Spoofer

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    Random Agent Spoofer is a Firefox add-on that spoofs the user agent headers on a regular interval that the user chooses. This makes browser fingerprinting harder for ad tracking companies to preform. I have Random Agent Spoofer set to "Random (Desktop)" and to change the user agent for every request. Some websites will not function properly some of the time depending on the user agent (Google Drive, or all of the time (Slack, phpBB forums), but you can whitelist those sites or temporarily disable the add-on.


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  • RefControl

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    HTTP referer lets webmasters know from which web page you clicked on the link to their website from. RefControl lets the user control what HTTP referer is sent. I recommend blocking HTTP referer completely and whitelist sites that need HTTP referer it to function, like Fosshub for example.


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  • Privacy Settings

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    Privacy Settings let's you choose between five privacy modes for your Firefox settings: Privacy (compatible) & Security, Privacy (compatible), Privacy & Security, Full Privacy, and Defaults. Custom settings are also supported. Note that "Privacy (compatible)" and "Full Privacy" modes disable the Small Google Safe Browsing iconGoogle Safe Browsing anti-malware and anti-phishing web filter. I'd recommend "Privacy (compatible) & Security" if you want decent privacy and pages that are not broken.


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  • Flashblock

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    Installing Flashblock will automatically block all Adobe Flash Player content. A Flashblock icon will appear on areas of pages that use Adobe Flash Player. Clicking on that button will in some cases allow the user to view the Flash content and in other cases the user has to whitelist the site or temporarily turn off Flash blocking. Adobe Flash Player is infamous for security holes that have been exploited by hackers and malware developers in the past, so blocking Adobe Flash Player will not only reduce CPU usage from not having bloated Flash Player processes running but also protect the user against security holes in Adobe Flash Player. Flashblock will also block any Flash based ads that uBlock Origin hasn't already blocked. NoScript has Flash blocking fuctionality as well, but it doesn't have any whitelisting feature, so Flashblock is much more manageable.


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  • Startpage

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    This is not a Firefox add-on, but a website. However, since a good privacy respecting search engine is vital to a privacy oriented browser setup, I'm including it anyway. Startpage is a search engine that proxies and anonymizes Google search results, giving you the same search results (with minor differences due to Google's filter bubble), but with your privacy intact. Searching for something at Startpage will give you this URL: " " . As you can see it is impossible for anyone, including your ISP and anyone else monitoring your Internet connection to get any search terms out of that URL. You can set custom settings which are stored in an anonymous ID that will look something like this: "ee6603f119dd79b5a29f3111ca32aa18". This way ISPs and anyone else monitoring your Internet connection won't know what custom settings you're using just by looking at the URL. Startpage is run by Ixquick, which is based in the Netherlands, a country with very strong privacy laws. Ixquick has been awarded with the first European Privacy Seal and is the first and only EU-approved search engine. Startpage does however also proxy Ads by Google, but there are zero external domains that get loaded into search pages, everything is 100% proxied, and uBlock Origin will block it regardless. Small Searx iconSearx is another Google proxy, and it is open source, but it doesn't look that good. Searx does however currently include 20 other search engines besides Google and you can customize it to include whatever search engines you want. There's also Small DuckDuckGo iconDuckDuckGo, which is very privacy friendly, but I personally think that Google proxies fetch better search results than DuckDuckGo.


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  • Clean Links

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    Clean Links removes affiliate/tracking tags, converts obfuscated/nested links to genuine/normal plain clean links, and converts shortened links to the real links. Be sure to activate "Redirect Watcher" in the settings to enable the shortened link conversion. Personally I prefer to have "Highlight Cleaned Links?" disabled in the settings, so that the address bar won't flash yellow every time Clean Links cleans a link. Some pages like the Gmail login page can't forward you if you have Clean Links enabled and the clicking the sign in link on Amazon doesn't work for example, but then you can either whitelist the page via the settings or temporarily disable Clean Links by clicking on its icon to the right of the address bar.


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  • Google search link fix

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    Google search link fix will clean the URLs of Google and Yandex search results, giving the user tracking free direct links instead of annoying and privacy invasive redirect links.


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  • Security Plus

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    With Security Plus you can scan URLs using VirusTotal's 64 anti-virus engines by just right clicking and then clicking "Scan file for viruses, or all kinds of malware" in the context menu.


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  • Mailvelope

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    Malvelope is an add-on that integrates with webmail providers and allows users to easily send PGP encrypted emails. PGP has, as far as the security community is aware, never been cracked.
    If you use Yahoo! Mail, Gmail,, AOL Mail, or some other spying and tracking infested email service you should switch to an end-to-end encrypted, privacy respecting no logs email service that is based outside of the Five Eyes and the Enemies of the Internet like Small Proton Mail iconProton Mail.


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