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Apps with 'Voice control' feature

  1. Braina Virtual Assistant is an intelligent personal assistant software for Windows PC that allows you to interact with your computer using voice commands in English language.

  2. HomeGenie, Home Automaton Server in the Internet Of Things era.

  3. Speaking Email iPhone app speaks your emails out loud, making it possible to keep your eyes on the road while you listen. Simple gestures designed for use while driving give you the ability to skip, pause, archive, star or even reply on the go.

    • Free PersonalProprietary
    • Mac
    • Linux
    • Raspbian
    • Raspberry Pi

    Snowboy is a customized hotword and wake word detection toolkit that recognizes your voice, runs in real time and on Raspberry Pi.

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  4. Tell your cell phone what you want to do and Tadaa! It is done. Ask about whatever you want, music, flights, sending messages, using social networks. Furthermore, the Sherpas are able to predict and anticipate your needs!

  5. Use your voice to raise the WUUUUUUUUUUUU!

    Help the creatures to get to the right house.

    Use the menu screen to adjust mic sensivity.

  6. Ultra Hal Assistant is a conversational system for your Windows PC based on award winning artificial intelligence technology.

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    • FreeProprietary
    • Android
    • iPhone
    • Android Tablet
    • iPad

    Chicken scream is a platform game that has you in control of a chicken that responds to sounds you make.