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Apps with 'Full keyboard shortcuts' feature

  1. AIMP is powerful free audio player for Windows OS that supports for local files, NAS, clouds, and podcasts. Additionally, it includes powerful tools to operate with audio files.
  2. Potplayer is a minimalist media player that has an extensive range of configurable options to choose from and lots of functionality.


    Several antivirus detect a potentially unwanted application (adware) PUA.FusionCore in the file F.dll dropped by the installer of PotPlayer in the Temp folder. Once that file is blocked by the antivirus, the program is installed with no problems and ads.

  3. Gerbil is a standalone application that runs out of the box, no strings attached. It doesn't require accounts, logins and other nuisances.
  4. Inspect your UI for colors, dimensions, angles, alignments, layouts across monitors! Do all this with a suite of tools: Lens, Ruler, Frame, Guide, Monocle and Crosshair.