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  1. HDGraph helps you to free disk space : it finds for you the largest folders on your drive.


    From their website, the last download is:
    HDGraph 1.5.1

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  2. DiskView shows you a graphical map of your disk, allowing you to determine where a file is located or, by clicking on a cluster, seeing which file occupies it.

  3. Folder Size Explorer is a simple and free Windows Explorer clone with the added ability to calculate folder sizes.
  4. UFS Explorer RAID Recovery is designed to effectively deal with RAID-related data recovery tasks in addition to common data loss cases. The intelligent software mechanisms allow reconstructing RAID of any configuration, both software and hardware.
  5. UFS Explorer Professional Recovery is an advanced software solution oriented to respond to special requirements of those who are competent in data recovery and take a professional approach to the task, dealing with severe or peculiar data loss cases.
  6. DiskSavvy is a free, fast and easy-to-use disk space analyzer utility allowing one to analyze disk usage in one or more disks, directories, network shares and/or NAS storage devices.
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  7. Scans your home folder and reports folders and file disk space use.
  8. "TDP x-Ray is a visual tool intended for disk space administration. Displaying a clear graph showing the disk occupation, in which it is apparent immediately which files and folders occupy the most space.


    Last release in 2009

  9. UFS Explorer Standard Recovery is a universal solution for various data loss cases. Advanced software mechanisms allow working effectively with diverse storage systems while an easy-to-use interface makes complicated data recovery a simple procedure.
  10. Stellar Speedup Mac is a free utility tool for Mac OS that dramatically improve the system performance by removing unwanted applications and files.
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  11. FolderSize is intended to be a simple application to determine what folders takes up place on your machine and to present it to you graphically
  12. xdiskusage is a user-friendly program to show you what is using up all your disk space. It is based on the design of x written by Phillip C. Dykstra <dykstra at ieee dot org & gt.
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  13. Disk Space Analyzer allows you to easily find and remove the bulkiest content for your Mac or external storage. You can see your Mac disk usage, find folders that take up the most space, and manage hard drive space by moving or removing files.
  14. Freeware disk-space reporting tool. Disktective traces used space in folders and disks.
  15. Disk Space Analyzer that saves hundreds of gigabytes!.
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