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  • Dash

    Dash is an API Documentation Browser and Code Snippet Manager. Dash stores snippets of code and instantly searches offline documentation sets for almost any API you might use.


    Dash icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Mac iPad


    Swagger is an open source RESTapi Documentation Tool.


    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Web Node.JS

  • Read The Docs

    Read the Docs hosts documentation for the open source community. It supports Sphinx docs written with reStructuredText, and can pull from your Subversion, Bazaar, Git, and Mercurial repositories.


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    Free Open Source Web

  • Slate API Docs Generator

    Slate - beautiful static documentation for your API. Features Clean, intuitive design — With Slate, the description of your API is on the left side of your documentation, and all the code examples are on the right side.


    Slate API Docs Generator icon

    Free Open Source Mac Linux Self-Hosted GitHub

  • HelpNDoc

    HelpNDoc is an easy to use yet powerful and intuitive tool to create html help files, help web sites, printed manuals and eBooks. Key features...


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    Free Personal Windows

  • Docsie

    Docsie is a free collaboration software for software docs, intranets and knowledge management. Easily create your software documentation in Docsie and embed it into your site or internal portal with a string of JavaScript. .


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    Free Web

  • is a documentation generator that uses a simple folder structure and Markdown files to create custom documentation on the fly. It helps you create great looking documentation in a developer friendly way.


    Free Open Source Self-Hosted

  • MkDocs

    MkDocs is a fast, simple and downright gorgeous static site generator that's geared towards building project documentation. Documentation source files are written in Markdown, and configured with a single YAML configuration file.


    Free Open Source Self-Hosted Python

  • Ardoq

    Ardoq is a data-based documentation and visualization tool that unifies business and IT.


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    Commercial Web

  • phpDocumentor 2

    PHP documentation generator based on docblock parsing. phpDocumentor 2, result of the merge between the old phpDocumentor and https://alternativeto .


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • is the missing hosted and automated API-Doc generation service for Javascript. By simplifying API-Doc setup it enables you to actually focus on writing documentation! Doclets.


    Free Open Source Web

  • Sandcastle

    Sandcastle produces accurate, MSDN style, comprehensive documentation by reflecting over the source assemblies and optionally integrating XML Documentation Comments.


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    Free Open Source Windows .NET Framework

  • SkyDocs

    SkyDocs is a software that takes your MarkDown files and build a complete website with some magic tricks ! You can configure everything you want : themes, pages, menus, ...


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Java

  • Codex

    Codex is a simple file-based Markdown documentation platform built on top of Laravel. It's completely customizable and dead simple to use to create beautiful documentation. Features: * Laravel 4.


    Free Open Source Self-Hosted

    • Discontinued The project seems to be no longer developed. Last version, 2.0.0 beta, released in July 2016, can be still downloaded from GitHub
  • NDoc

    NDoc generates class library documentation from .NET assemblies and the XML documentation files generated by the C# compiler (or with an add-on tool for VB.NET).


    Free Open Source Windows .NET Framework

  • GhostDoc

    Simplify your XML Comments! GhostDoc is a Visual Studio extension that automatically generates XML documentation comments for methods and properties based on their type, parameters, name, and other contextual information.


    Freemium Windows C++ Microsoft Visual Studio

  • Docsify.js

    docsify generates your documentation website on the fly. Unlike GitBook, it does not generate static html files. Instead, it smartly loads and parses your Markdown files and displays them as website. All you need to do is create an index.


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    Free Open Source Self-Hosted

  • Antora

    A static site generator for creating documentation sites from AsciiDoc content aggregated from multiple repositories. Made by the creators of Asciidoctor.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • DocFX

    DocFX generates Documentation directly from source code (.NET, RESTful API, JavaScript, Java, etc...) and Markdown files. DocFX runs on Linux, macOS, and Windows.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • SPDocKit

    SPDocKit is the ultimate SharePoint management and administration tool designed for generating SharePoint farm documentation.


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    Commercial Windows

  • Docute

    Client-side documentation sites built with Markdown.


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    Free Open Source Self-Hosted

  • Couscous

    Static website generator designed for documentation. Couscous turns Markdown documentation into beautiful websites. It's GitHub Pages on steroids.


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    Free Open Source Self-Hosted

  • Docusaurus

    Docusaurus is a project for easily building, deploying, and maintaining open source project websites. • Simple to Start Docusaurus is built to be easy to get up and running in as little time possible.


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    Free Open Source Self-Hosted

  • Aglio

    aglio - An API Blueprint renderer that supports multiple themes and outputs static HTML that can be served by any web host.


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    Free Open Source Self-Hosted

  • Texinfo

    The Texinfo package contains programs for reading, writing, and converting info pages. It uses a single source file to produce output in a number of formats, both online and printed (dvi, html, info, pdf, xml, etc.).


    Free Open Source Linux