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    Workflow automation is a wide spectrum that encompasses any industry it possibly can. Zapier enables automated sharing of information across separate apps you use for your business, and it can be a massive time saver.

    To make things even more convenient, Zapier offers a web app to set up its automation. There are also alternatives that can be used via a web app. It makes sense that a service all about convenience would be available in a really convenient way, right?

    Zapier is geared more towards business and professional use than some other automation services such as Small IFTTT iconIFTTT, which focuses more on individual and personal use.

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    1. Cloudpipes is a workflow automation service connecting hundreds of cloud applications.
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    2. Your team’s bot for external communications. MailClark allows your team to both send & receive emails without ever leaving Slack. Great for customer support, team inbox, help desk and more!.
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    3. Sameroom connects #channels and rooms across chat services.
    4. Syndesis can connect to any service you use. It provides a rich set of connectors out of the box, and if one doesn't exist - a friendly developer will be able to easily create one for you.
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    5. Unito bridges the collaboration features between apps like Asana, Wrike, Trello, GitHub, and JIRA by synchronizing tasks and conversations without coding required. Unito lets knowledge workers collaborate directly from the app of their choice.
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    6. Wyzebulb lets enterprises automate their business operations by integrating all their applications at one place. Wyzebulb makes your team accomplish more with lesser efforts whether you're in Marketing, Sales or Operations.
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    7. Build Third Party Applications APIs without Backend.
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    8. Snazzy Contacts collects all customer data from various sources in a central customer data platform and distributes the data to the desired target systems.
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      Connect your devices, apps and services to Triggi and make them all work together. How? By creating your own rules. Build real time connections between multiple devices, apps and services. Triggi works with Philips Hue, Nest, Netatmo, Toon thermostat and many other services.
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    9. Microservices-based, cloud-native integration platform (iPaaS) enables organizations to enhance integration capabilities across SaaS, on-premise, IoT and Mobile systems and react faster to changing key business priorities.
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