Access encrypted documents from any device and stay in sync with your team.
Securely share anything within the company, or with clients and contractors.
Replace attachments with encrypted links. Send files even directly from Outlook with download limit, expiry data and password protection.
Keep track of changes and stay safe and productive. Users can roll back to any previous version of a document.
Enable Detailed Access Logs to see the open date, email, IP address, and platform used to open the links you shared.
Recents lists all user activity in tresors shared with you. Here you can overview your and other collaborators' actions such as editing, creating, deleting and more. Subscription Owners can see activities for the whole account.
Set up security policies to avoid accidental breaches caused by employee errors.
You can share a tresor with others and set their rights.
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Tresorit Features

  1.  Encrypted Backup
  2.  End-to-End Encryption
  3.  Two-factor Authentication
  4.  Selective Synchronization
  5.  Cloud Sync
  6.  Real time collaboration
  7.  File Versioning
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  •   Updated Feb 14, 2024
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Top positive commentFeb 16, 2015

With clientside encryption, this is a much safer option than Dropbox, Google etc.

Simple to use and works well.

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Top positive commentAug 29, 2017

Excellent value for money. Gave us peace of mind with safe data sharing, cloud file system for the company and backup. Easy to setup, implement and use. Swiss privacy and reliability. Up to the point nobody helps you should you loose your password. It never leaves your computer, so there is no "Lost password" remedy.

[Edited by michalsvoboda, August 29]

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Top negative commentJun 12, 2020

I was using this app for many years, but their recent changes in removal of all safeguards caused me loss of data.

  1. Tresorit team have recently quietly disabled user recovery of deleted files so that they could make it premium feature only. The deleted files are no longer moved to "trash" folder, but are directly deleted.
  2. The app no longer properly shows when exceeding storage quota. Old deleted files can exhaust all the storage so there is no space for newly deleted files. The app quota indicator does not account for deleted files. This way, not even the premium users can recover their deleted files. Not a single notification about quota was issued.
  3. They have introduced "bug" which caused silent deletion of the whole folder with hundreds of files, and unfortunately, this deletion got synced across all my computers as well to their cloud.
  4. I have contacted their tech. support immediately. 50 days later, they have acknowledged that the deletion happened due to error in their app, which is supposedly fixed by now. They did not even apologize for the deletion, only for the "delay" in answering my request.
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ReviewMar 14, 2019

Overpriced. Using myths in their about info like as a reputable source, while it's not true.

Swiss Privacy? Cool story, really cool story. Only idiots do not know, that Swiss have tons of problems with personal data, and shares directly data with the United States of America, and many others. Also, google for scandals between EU and Swiss related to users data and privacy, and also acts related to direct sharing data in both directions from and to Swiss. You will be surprised, and your stereotypes will be destroyed about the crazy socialism country.

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Positive commentAug 19, 2017

Tresorit is my favourite file synchronization app. I use it to to keep my most important files (like KeePass databases and important documents) up to date on my various clients (Windows PC, Linux PC, Android Tablet, Android phone, Windows phone). Tresorit is very secure due to AES-256 client-side encryption and HMAC with SHA-512 hashes. And it is fast, reliable and easy to setuo and use.

With the free version you can setup up to 3 devices for automatic synchronization, but there is a web client which you can use for manual up-/download on additional clients.

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Positive commentDec 30, 2014

I had high hopes for Tresorit as their privacy seems to be better in that if you loose your password you are SOL. However their current iOS app seems to have problems with older iPhones that are restricted to iOS 6. The app continues to loose focus and disappears.

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