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Simply excellent
Very easy to use, intuitive and supports almost all audio formats.
Filters are easy to use and work very well
Spectrum Analyser is very useful and can be used in real-time or on a selection
Works very well on Mac OS

I used this program to import some 30-year old cassettes and convert them to m4a. I applied a noise reduction filter to remove the tape background noise and re-aligned the left and right channel output level with ease. Results were simply wonderful. I first tried with Audacity and the operations were much easier and quicker to perform on Ocenaudio.


Intuitive, and more importantly, it works!

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It meets the following requirements for me:

  • Allows for editing of MP3 files without changing the quality of audio
  • Spectrogram analysis
  • It works
  • It's intuitive
  • It's free!

And now I'm using it to batch spectrum analyze my audio files to look for bad transcodes, and it's performing beautifully with loading up 5,000+ files at once!

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Ease & Fast