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Comment by Goranko
about Minds · May 2017 · Helpful Not helpful 4 Helpful Report as spam

Minds has very good features: video and photo upload, blogs, albums.


Comment by qualify55
about Minds · Mar 2019 · Helpful Not helpful 3 Helpful Report as spam

I don't want to see new channels and bloggers on any one social site without the ability to "train" the algorithm to suit my preferences regarding the subject and reputations of the authors of what I see, as well as the frequency of how often I see them.
I don't want to surf all kinds of subjects and issues on any one social site, open source or otherwise.
I don't want everyone or anyone to see the vast majority of my posts about anything.
I want to share my opinions/feelings only with those I know are real and who I like.
I want to see the posts of only those I like and respect.
My views about anything are strictly personal and not to be shared at any time with the public unless any/all or modified personal data is well protected from the public, never released without my (verified) permission.
I don't want to make money from being on the site unless it's completely separate from my personal profile, and I have "Administrator" control over how much of my personal data is shared or hidden.
I do want some censorship that involves true reality, facts, hard evidence and proof versus conspiracy theories and fiction (which I get easily anywhere, anytime via search engines).
In summary, I want strong privacy and security protocol and no personal data sharing of any kind without my permission, permission given only after full disclosure of the possible consequences of giving that permission. I'm looking for an alternative to Facebook, and Minds may be wonderful for some people, but it doesn't appear to address my needs at this time.


Comment by manshori
about Minds · Sep 2017 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

it very nice but how to donwload this app (open source) ?


they have apps for android and ios. also, there is always the website

Comment by irpio
about Minds · Mar 2018 · Helpful Not helpful -20 Helpful Report as spam

On cursory review, I see a lot of racist "alt-right" types there. I understand that freedom of speech comes at a price, but I wonder how abusive behaviour is tackled by the platform.


define "hate speech" That term has become so watered down that it's virtually meaningless. Centrists also aren't "alt-right" and neither are people that are only one inch to the right of the FAR left. George Carlin would be called out as "hate speech" by today's leftists...smh

Nerve touched?

@irpio Swibbz has a point, however, in that hate speech isn't a legally defined term. If you are uncomfortable with people expressing their opinions, especially if you disagree with them, then Minds probably isn't the right place for you. As for "nerve touched", well, perhaps there was a nerve touched, but pointing it out doesn't contribute to anything.

I must add that I don't use Minds myself. However, from reading about the purpose of this platform, I would assume that it has just about every single function that a normal social media platform would offer, and that includes blocking people you don't like.
(After doing a bit of research, I will place my faith into Francois Carpentier's answer here: ) EDIT: Oh, the comment was reposted by the same guy here on AlternativeTo in the reviews sections. hahaha)

Aside from that, I wonder what you mean by "abusive behaviour." Is this abusive behaviour people slinging swear words left and right in the name of free speech? Or does it mean spouting ideas that some people may disagree with?

Even then, one should not blame the platform for these "racist alt-rights". We could discuss this all day about how maybe because their ideas are so radical that they weren't accepted on other platforms, that they're not even worth listening to in the first place. Minds takes a different approach in that it allows the free marketplace of ideas to take place. It encourages one to listen to ideas that they like and argue with ideas that they disagree with, without the platform itself preemptively censoring them.

I will place this next statement as a defence to the integrity of ideas: let these "racist alt-right" types of ideas grow on this platform, and if these ideas really are bad, then destroy them with your own ideas. Minds will allow this to happen.

[Edited by TerrifiedTyphlosion, September 29]

I'm sorry you had to suffer seeing an opinion differing from yours. Perhaps the censorious style of Reddit is more your flavor.