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Good, albeit expensive.

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Good, alebit expensive. — That is my opinion.

Hi there, Dani,

Before your face turns yellow, green or red, I ask you to bear with my malcontentism. View my feedback as a form of constructive criticism.

I urge you to consider lowering the price for your software and/or switching to a true freemium model(free eye protection; pay-to-use for all additional tools). I believe this would make Iris competetive(F.lux is your biggest competitor and it's for Free).

Please keep in mind that the world is more than the exclusive Euro/Dollar club. You live in Bulgaria, a popular tourist destination to many which is why prices are not a lot cheaper there but I am pretty sure $10 is a lot more to you then it is to people in the West, ain't I right? Of course I am! That 10 bucks means even more to people elsewhere and I am not talking about 3rds world countries... what i am trying to say is if you really want your product to succeed, keep in mind the userbase here is not only us and there are a lot of non-english speakers from countries like Japan/China/Singapore/Romania/Turkey/Poland/Russia/Brazil/Africa, etc. People from those ( usually densely populated) countries are regular guests here. On average their currency is 4-8 times weaker than the USD/Euro and 2/5 times weaker than the Lev(if you're reading this and are not the developer: it's the devs currency). I am pretty sure what you do is counter-productive and shows in your balance account. For 10 bucks you can get a pretty decent game. Internet access is that much in many places! For that cash you can get from 25-40 beers in some places. Yup! Take that!

I totally get you worked your *** off to make this happen. ^_^ It's awesome and your software is awesome, but your price is questionable. I am certain you will not attract many people with that price tag on your product, be it people paying in an expensive currency or people from the world outside the gate of prosperity. 10$ is a lot of money for this type of software. I'll be frank, while it is true that we generally can afford more than people outside the "golen zone"(lol) a lot of us will not be willing to pay this much every god-damn month.
Sorry if it feels like I am hard on you, I do not intend to sound rude in any way. You might not believe it but I am approaching you with good intentions. Your software is really good and dude... you should be proud of what you did here. I just wanna encourage you to think it through.

But then, if your target is the minority I am taking it all back!

That doesn't change the fact that I like your product a lot. Thanks for listening!

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I think there was one quote from Elon Musk something like this:

"A well thought out critique ... is as valuable as gold. And you should seek that from everyone you can, but particularly your friends ... It doesn't mean your friends are right ... you at least want to listen very carefully to what they say, and to everyone ... Basically, you should take the approach that you're wrong ... Your goal is to be less wrong."

I value your feedback a lot. I just wanted to respond with the reasons why I decided to make it that way.

Iris target is minority yes. This is why I choose Iris do be paid not ads based. It's ultra customizable. The free and ads approach is like the f.lux approach. Put your app into the hands of every person and hope that it will work.

This is the Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google and every other ultra successful company approach. :)

I want 1000 people to use it from the entire world and I want this people to be ultra mega giga happy with their Iris.

The price is high yes. I agree :D But have you ever made 0.99$ app. I have made a lot. All the people hated it. I'm serious :D
It's high for a reason. I have never get negative word from Iris users. :D

And if somebody pays 10$ I will be his new best friend. You can wake me up at night for a bug and I will fix it. This is the type of software I want to create.

The good thing is that I created a free type of usage. There was a time that it was only paid and 10$. Now it's a little better at least :D

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Iris is better than F.lux, but I'll stick to F.lux

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First things fist, there's a drawback to this tool:
It's pay-to-use on a plan base. If you can't afford or don't want to pay 10 bucks a month, get F.lux instead.

Made in Bulgaria, this is a useful little app/software. I have been a devoted F.Lux fan for many years but I must say Iris does the same job and more.

It offers more in terms of customization than F.Lux. You find yourself tweaking every little detail of your setup.
Iris lets you set up reminders/alerts to help you reconnect with reality, which is it can force you to move your 2 legs, but only if you want it to! It comes with excersive tips to help you do the right thing for your heart. It seems like nothing, but it proves quite useful! Truthfully, I suck at reminding myself of doing sports inbetween my long PC sessions...... seriously, who feels like searching the Internet for excersize tips? Who thinks about sports when there's so much to do?! I suck at it and have no sense of responsibility regarding this matter so if I can get tips by clicking a few buttons and get off screen when I'm reminded of it, that's fine and encouraging.
The blackout/break screen is well made(thed dots connect and form patterns similar to those used in astroloy):
break screen


Usability - check
Elegant U.I - check
Advanced Settings/Options - check
Check, check, check!

Price- FAIL!

It's a really cool tool and I would not be looking back if the price was fair! That said, I'll be moving back to F.lux. While this seems like a really cool software, the price is unjustifed- it is simply to high and I don't see myself supporting a company/group that sets prices so high! This is simply unfair(read. unjustified). There's F.lux and it's complitely free! Yes, Iris is better, no doubt! But the price kills it for me, you should not be paying fees this high for a bluelight tool! You should not be feeding greed!

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My name is Daniel. I'm the creator of Iris. Your review is awesome. Thank you for this awesome feedback.

First thing first I want to give you alternative.
I personally want more and more people to use Iris. That's why I keep all Iris versions. Older versions are free. For example:

This version is absolutely, totally free forever :)

Iris is freemium now 4 hours per day. Every day you get 4 hours of Iris usage. This hours expires only when you use your program. You can pause Iris and the timer stops.
This means that you can unpause Iris only in the night for example. It's totally ok for some people and I think it's good model. :) It doesn't cheat you at least

For 10$ you get 31 days of Iris usage and this time expires only when you use the program. Meaning you can use Iris at least 2 or more months. Which is good I think. 0.01$ per hour

About why it's not free. I work on Iris full-time. I think this is important thing and I improve it every day.
The 2 choices was free with ads or paid. I hate ads personally and the truth is I can just never beat the f.lux popularity :D

I'm also not greed. I'm pretty much broke. Several people are paying which is good for the moment.

When I have a chance I will drop the price, but this is the way to bootstrap. Nobody wanted to invest in Iris this was the truth and I pretty much said fuck you I will make it somehow :D

So you actually have totally free versions. Iris was once donation based. Just check older versions :)
And if you are still unsatisfied I can give you activation codes for free. You know I'm a good guy, I just want to create a successful business :)

In the future I will separate most of the eye protection part to be for free, but now I don't have the time.

And again thank you for your review

Dani :)

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It does not work when you don't have a graphics card.


I have one problem with this app on Windows

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Where is a "Stop" or "Disable" tray button, which disabling all filters and set up normal Windows scheme? Only way is exit app overall. Not very comfortable when we must for some reason disabling Iris only for couple of minutes.

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It costs like Photoshop monthly subscription, lol

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People who need this app use their computers 24/7, so 10$ for 1 month of usage means 10$ for 1 month of real time before computer.
But even if you use your desktop only for 12 hours it means 5$ fee monthly.
It's a crazy price.

P.S. This app has 378 likes here and 360 on Facebook. I'm sorry, I think most of likes here are fakes. For example, CorelDraw has only 92.

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