Groove Music

    All your tunes, all in one place, on all your devices Enjoy all the music you love in one simple, fast, and elegant Windows 10 app.

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    • sharafat2004 thinks VLC Media Player is an alternative to Groove Music
      7 days ago
    • ccxfied agreed on a comment on VLC Media Player as an alternative to Groove Music
      VLC is an excellent video player, but it lacks a good media library management functionality, imho.
      20 days ago
    • seanplackerseanplacker reviewed Groove Music
      Honestly I think this app is quite good for managing and listening to locally stored music libraries. I've never had a issue with it scanning and adding all my music to the app. I just go into settings, tell it where my music collection is, and it adds it all. It's all organized and labeled correctly. Has album art for everything (including collections I put together my self and added my own album art to). It even auto downloads the covers to some albums that itunes can't find the cover for. Functionality wise it works perfectly fine. It's fast, easy to navigate, looks nice etc. I really don't see what there is to hate. It seems to support plenty of file formats. Most of my stuff is MP3 like a lot of people but for the bands I REALLY like I have FLAC files and it handles those just the same as well.
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      21 days ago