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By far the best engine if you want to start making games.

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It’s not even a competition. Because it’s the ONLY complete, free, open-source engine that runs on Linux, Android, HTML5, and less cool platforms. And it’s very easy to get into. Including the scripting. And even if you want to mod the actual engine, it’s easy. I added a my first physics function right in the engine code in 15 minutes. which is only possible if it’s open-source.

Plus the actual developers are actually available for you to talk to. They react to bug reports, improve the Wiki, reply on IRC…

But actually I liked the internal elegance the best. Less concepts to learn. Everything is a Scene or a Resource. Everything is a node. Everything can be animated and automated and extended. In the same way. It’s how software should be designed. As a developer I really like the architecture.

And fingers crossed, we’ll get post-Cryengine- and -UE4-like graphics this summer!
And then it’s really not a contest anymore!


The community is amazing and the development rate is unmatched.

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  • More important than the engine itself is the community around the engine. Because when you get stuck somewhere, those are the ones who will help lift you up or will abandon you. The Godot Community is extremely helpful responsive, and noob friendly!
  • Unlike Unity3D with Godot you've got everything in one place. Your code editor, your 2D/3D editor and pretty much everything that has to do with the game.
  • It's cross-platform. The editor itself runs on Windows, Linux and Mac. Your exported game can run on all those plus Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS.
  • The assets pipeline is straight forward. Just drag and drop them into the editor and you're set!
  • GDScript is a python-like scripting language and it is super easy! with amazing documentation. If you're experienced with any other programming language you can pick it up in less than 3 hours.
  • You can have a scene within another scene, this way you don't step on each others' toes when working in a team! This Scene oriented design is weird at first but it won't take you long before you find out that this approach is so genius that it'll make everything else you know sound out-dated.
  • I can go non stop about all the good stuff I love about it. just download it and give it a shot. the whole thing is like 40MB or something :D

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You forgot to mention HTML5 also I think BlackBerry support was dropped due to BB API being outdated

To be honest I intentionally left the html5 support out because I know it's not that good. As for BB I only wrote it cause it says so on their website but I never personally tried to publish anything on BB.


Godot is the best of its kind

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Godot is the only game engine I currently use. But I've tried tons of them, and I spent years looking for the right game engine for my projects before I found it. I truly think Godot is the best open source game engine - especially for 2D games.


Amazing engine

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Not only it's completely free and open source but it's also completely multi platform and can export to many many platforms. It's also easy to understand, easy to develop and easy to extend!

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Come build the future with us! Godot might look overly simplistic or targeted at new users/non-coders, but that is not the case. The intent is to allow all members of the team, be it artists, newcomers, or greybeards to work on projects together or individually at their respective skill levels. Feel free to code your game in C++, but exposing your code via GDnative means you can also edit variables and such later with less human error (and in real-time while the game is running), and you can use your C++ elements in the visual scripting system (like UE blueprints but different). Newcomers can learn the Pythonic language GDscript used throughout the engine which is up to the task of doing anything which doesn't require advanced optimization or high performance. I wouldn't build a terrain sculpting tool in GDscript, but your entire 2D RPG can likely use it. Godot 3 introduces PBR and physical materials, SSAO, Bloom, a bus-based audio system with routing and effects... There is so much to it, but it is deceptively simple. Simple like Go. If the lack of a scene graph scares you, read up about nodes and the scene tree, you don't need them. The author appears to have some experience with functional programming so some things might looks strange but end up being a huge help, don't worry you'll understand it soon enough. The editor is portable, a single executable and some supporting files, no crazy UE4 setup. Building the latest from source is simple and requires only basic knowledge of C++ and Python toolchains for your development platform. Build on Linux! Play on Windows... It's so easy you'll feel like it's wrong.


In and out for years, but this is a big one!

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I've been in and out of game-dev for years now, as I mainly focus on my day to day job and develop little games for myself on the side for years now, GODOT , as previously mentioned, has just no competition. It's a complete package. It's being constantly updated, beaming with new features the development of the engine is clearly well-thought out. The devs focus on the important stuff making sure the engine goes in the direction it needs to.
Developing new games from scratch is really fun, intuitive and productive with Godot. I can only recommend this gem of an engine.