GlassWire's graph shows you real-time network activity broken down by apps, traffic, and hosts.
The GlassWire usage screen helps you see what your PC is doing on the network.  Easily see what apps and hosts are wasting your data, then block them.
Click GlassWire's graph to see what apps and hosts are responsible for that spike in data usage.
Get alerted when a new app accesses the network.
Monitor remote servers or other PCs with GlassWire.
GlassWire also has an awesome Android app that can help keep your from wasting mobile and WiFi data.
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Top positive commentJan 17, 2018

It was better because it was free... But its firewall is now paid =(

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Top positive commentOct 22, 2019

best alternative on windows for Little Snitch. It looks way better than any other firewall app. easy to block internet access to any application on windows. Free version has many features, but recommend to buy paid if you like it

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Top negative commentJun 11, 2018

GlassWire doesn't let you use its' firewall functions unless you buy a paid version of it.

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William Miceli
Negative commentDec 9, 2023

If you use the "free" version, it will send you occasional pop-up ads asking you to pay to upgrade.

I will never recommend something that has built-in ads. I will pay for a software/service that I think is worth it. I will NOT pay for a service that thinks annoying me with ads/notifications will get me to start paying.

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ReviewSep 22, 2023

I only liked the ability to monitor some of the network traffic. and how quick it is to report behavior changes. But as soon as I got a little pop up ad, I immediately thought to uninstall it. The Open Source world is picking up momentum, apps like Portmaster are popping up, Simplewall has been out for a while and they both address the privacy problems that come with windows (by providing options to opt out of windows spying/telemetry). The point is, these apps are given to the world for free, and done so transparently, and they don't send pop ups to sell you their product. Glasswire is not even open source, so it's not even entirely transparent what goes on in the background and whether the tradeoff is worth keeping it with its ads. In regards to Glasswire's functionality, I have only tried the free version so my rating is based on this, my recommendation is for people to always seek the Open Source Alternative, if it exists and its not so bad, get that instead. Especially if the product in question is sending little ads and selling you something other Open Source apps can do anyway. For my rating to improve I would suggest to the devs to make a separate free version that doesn't tease the premium version and show how useless or inferior the free version can be, this is a typical marketing scheme i mean you can't even change the theme in the free version ?!? It's so archaic and capitalistic. Dumped forever

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Negative commentApr 1, 2023

Glass wire has locked benign features such as changing the theme (UI color) behind a paywall.

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Negative commentDec 31, 2022

This is not a Freemium firewall app.

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Full functionality requires a yearly subscription ranging from US$ 39 to US$ 99. Prices are higher on €.


The Android version is totally free.

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