Visualize network activity in detail, get notified when new apps access the network, look out for malware, and block badly behaving apps.

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    • Lehuga reviewed GlassWire
      very disappointing, you pay for its UI not for the true firewall. simplewall works even better than this
      2 months ago
    • Lehuga Upvoted a comment on GlassWire
      GlassWire is really best described as a "Lite" firewall. It does NOT allow any control over network access for running services, only 3rd-party apps that you run. Consider this - Nasty trojans and adware like to run as a service or inject a running service - That way, its always running. I've ask GlassWire about this, as adding it is fairly simple - Their response was, "it would be confusing for users" And this is why, as a Network Security engineer, I cannot recommend this!
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      2 months ago
    • Lehuga Downvoted a comment on GlassWire
      I use GlassWire to keep track of my data usage activity and to look out for malware.
      2 months ago