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Portmaster Features

  1.  Privacy focused
  2.  Block Trackers
  3.  Ad-free
  4.  No Tracking
  5.  Dark Mode
  6.  No registration required
  7.  Spam Filter
  8.  Built-in VPN
  9.  Website Monitoring
  10.  End-to-End Encryption
  11.  No Coding Required
  12.  WireGuard
  13.  Works Offline
  14.  Anonymous Proxy
  15.  Malware Analysis
  16.  Decentralized
  17.  AES-256 Encryption
  18.  Portable
  19.  No Logs
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Top positive commentFeb 12, 2022

Portmaster - a wonderful program that works exactly as promised. Simple and clear graphical interface, display of all currently running processes, detailed information about each connection to a process and clear display of allowed and blocked connections.

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Top positive commentMar 13, 2024

is very useful, block all malicious domains, trackers, telemetry and ads.

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Top negative comment
Pending approval • Edited Feb 25, 2024

Trash software.

It uses 2,5 GB of RAM and 12,5% of CPU on my device (Ubuntu). The shutdown option never works so I had to kill it every time

Breaks multiple websites, for example, facebook.com, aliexpress.com on both Windows and Linux. I had to uninstall it for these websites to load.

Edit: Raphty, I do know what filters are and I do know that I didn't have Big tech one enabled on neither operating systems. I agree I should've mentioned this in my original review tho.

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Installing a content blocker and not understanding that it blocks content is hard for me to put into perspective.

Note for others: Facebook.com as well as all other major platforms are NOT blocked by default - he must have enabled a filter list like BIG TECH and did not understand what he was doing.

Reply written Feb 23, 2024

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Negative commentFeb 23, 2024

Portmaster is bloated, slow, poorly thought out in its implementation, unfocused, and utterly unfit for purpose.

The firewall (Portmaster's core product) is open by default and when configured to prompt by default only uses temporary toast notifications. It works, but only barely. That's just not good enough when facing up against the like of Simplewall. The only redeeming features here is that if you manage to survive the UI when setting up your firewall, it will actually do what you tell it to do. Combine that with the executable grouping and you have a core of potential that ends up wasted by the rest of the app.

Portmaster's UI bears the standard hallmarks of almost every web based UI. Its slow to launch, unresponsive when running, and laid out worse then a government site from the 90's. Its only redeeming quality is that it looks markedly better then one.

This brings us to the final nail: Safing's buisness model. Despite what they say their model is, it is acutally comprised of adding half-baked features to Portmaster, locking them behind a subscription. SPN and the AD-blocker have zero reason to either exist or be part of Portmaster. These features also result in a significant amount of breakage that can be noted in other reviews. The development time that has gone into these should of been spent ensuring that your core product was actually serviceable. Furthermore: Features that run completely locally (Network History and Bandwidth Visibility) are also locked behind the subscription despite having no external maintenance or infrastructure required to run them.

This firewall turned "privacy suite" tries to do a whole host of things and end up doing none of them well.

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Negative commentFeb 3, 2024

Bloated, Confusing and Annoying. These are my first impressions of this software, unless you're a control freak I don't think you would find this software good for daily drive, I would recommend Fort (by tnodir & Contributors) or SimpleWall (By Henrypp & Contributors)

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CommentFeb 2, 2024

[German] Heise.de review of Portmaster Datenschutz-Firewall: Portmaster im Test https://www.heise.de/tests/Datenschutz-Firewall-Portmaster-im-Test-9611687.html

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CommentOct 18, 2023

Portmaster v1.5 is out with under the hood improvements and fixes. Also new graphs! showing you how much data is sent via each connection/app/system https://safing.io/blog/2023/10/18/Portmaster-v1.5/

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