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lot of errors

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Cannot edit hotkeys, Frequent Error, Slow, Cannot Undo Deleted Files


Sorting and grouping files screwed up

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Been using Explorer++ for a while (I used to call it "Explorer Plus" back then) and I kinda like it. I love it for the ability to sort folders by their content size, a feature that is missing from Win7 explorer which was available in the good old WinXP (shame on M$ for crippling it down). However trying to do the same thing with Explorer++ creates another problem. In the default Windows explorer I always love to group my files by their types and at the same time group them by access date. However in Explorer++ I can't do both but only have to pick either one. Even if I've sorted my files by access date, once I choose to group them by types they will be no longer sorted by access date anymore but defaulted to being sorted by name. This is stupid. At this point I can't recommend this to anybody.

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Misses some useful features and has some lacks

  • usability is not very comfortable
  • tabs miss a close button (you can double click but it's not intuitive)
  • bookmarks bar doesn't work (couldn't add bookmarks)
  • slow in responsiveness in general
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I've been using it for a while now, because it's faster than Windows File Explorer, and its user interface is somewhat more usable.

However, it has definite lacks, which many may feel are gamebreakers.

For example, I managed to hide the OneDrive icon in Explorer, but explorer++ still sees it for some reason. Cannot hide it unless I always use the app in Admin mode. However, always using it in Admin mode causes other problems.

Also, some users report crashes associated with the app (I haven't experienced any, though).

Rating: 3. Usable, problems. Better than File Explorer, but has problems.