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eM Client Features

  1.  Calendar IntegrationeM Client lets you sync your tasks and events with your calendar application.
  2.  Multiple Account supporteM Client support multiple accounts without the need to logout and login
  3.  PGP EncryptioneM Client supports PGP, an encryption system used for sending encrypted emails and files.
  4.  Dark ModeeM Client supports dark mode for comfortable usage in low light conditions.
  5.  Unified inboxView e-mails (or similar) from all accounts in one unified view with eM Client.
  6.  Cloud SyncSync your data (notes, documents, bookmarks, etc.) across your different devices and to the cloud.
  7.  Email OrganizereM Client allows you to take control of your inbox by filtering and control tools.
  8.  Sync with Google CalendareM Client can be synchronized with Google Calendar
  9.  Automatic BackupeM Client will automatically back up your data periodically.

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Top positive comment
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Can handle Google and Microsoft, both email and schedule

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Top positive comment

A very good IMAP client particularly in our case where we use Google Calendar and Contacts against our own IMAP server. All calendars and contacts are automatically included setting up just the account and nothing else. The extremely smooth installation is, however, also the most prominent drawback. Special settings are simply not there, e.g. timeouts for server connections, custom keyboard shortcuts and other not so daily options. Particularly timeouts can be a drag, since this effectively makes the client unusable if you are connecting from a less than optimum hotel room or a congested public wifi hot-spot. There are a few glitches and bugs but nothing too serious. All in all a very good and cleverly conceived mail client with a few dings.

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Geoff Jackson
Top negative comment

Whilst persevering with our never-ending seek for a reliable and worthwhile email client for Windows machines, we (for the second time) gave eMClient another go expecting good things of course, because it is paid software...

I found the software very slow at switching between emails making it unusable for business use but after reporting problems in their support forum and reaching out to them via Twitter, their customer support was appalling, in fact, I'd go as far as saying pretty much non-existent.

All I (and many other users) wanted was acknowledgment of the problem(s) and for someone to pipe up and say it is being addressed but no, literally nothing in the slightest.

They seem happy to continue charging for their software but don't want to look after their customers or even entertain the idea that there may be a problem.

On this basis alone, I'd strongly recommend avoiding buying and using this software.

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Not sure what @zigojacko means with very slow at switching between emails. On my machines eM client is the snappiest email app I know while being much more stable than Outlook 2019. Maybe you didn't download the messages locally and therefore it worked so slowly, @zigojacko?

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Negative comment

Impossible to add a Gmail account to it. It opens a browser, I click Accept on the Google confirmation screen... and nothing. Tried the same way by setting Safari as default... also not working. Says a lot if even adding a Gmail account to a mail client doesn't work.

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Negative comment
  • very slow on startup
  • nice UI
  • problems with CalDAV & CardDAV sync with some eMail Providers (e.g. GMX)
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Barry Levine
• Edited

Eight months after my first go-round with this app, I decided to try it again. (v9.+) Setup and customization almost perfect. As Thunderbird (my previous eMail app) seems to have lost its once-reliable Google sync support (addons no longer consistently compatible), I'll note that eM Client had no trouble at all with both my Google addressbook and Google calendar. The ability to set "favorite" folders is essential (as those stay in a particular area easy to drop eMails into). The Theme Editor still has some ways to go in order to make consistent (and easy) alterations but I can wait on that as the existing themes (both user-generated and "stock") are pretty good. Yeah, it ain't free if you use more than two mail accounts but someone has to pay for support and development.

Edit (1/12/23): No GPU support which you think wouldn't be so bad but inserted photos (let's say something taken by a phone's camera) take a minute (sometimes longer) to display fully on the screen. No difference with "attached" photos but, at least, those will be scaled to the proper size to fit in the eMail's window. The developers believe this is a feature, not a bug, in spite of many users complaining about this in their forums. I'll suggest that, before spending good money on this app, you test it carefully with attached and inserted photos of any normal size one would take with an iPhone or Pixel 6a (or similar). I'm probably going to revert back to Thunderbird because, in spite of its other flaws, TBird can display photos properly without crazy delays. In short: eM Client looks lovely but the underlying code is sophomoric and the developers have their heads up their arses.

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Positive comment

I like eM Client, because it's the snappiest email client for Windows. It has everything included, so there's no need for add-ons or extensions. Well done!

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