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    Tool to display FPS in video games, make screenshots, record videos.

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    • tvgoing1 added Dxtory as alternative(s) to VSDC Free Screen Recorder
      about 1 month ago
    • Weltall reviewed Dxtory
      I want to make one thing crystal clear. The only reason I use Dxtory and giving it 5 stars, is for the one feature I have used from it for years. That is the ability to limit FPS. Honestly nowadays I do not use it anymore, as I do not need do, but I am almost certain some people like I did in the past, might find it helpful for. If you look in it's options, it has one that lets you cap your FPS to any number you wish. In the past my GPU and it's software did not work in 95% of the games, not limiting their FPS, which I needed mostly cause my GPU could not handle higher FPS. **Dxtory would and actually still will do it always without fail!** Keep in mind, it is not as smooth as using FPS limiting through your GPU's control panel, but if you ever find yourself in the situation where your GPU software is not working, just use Dxtory and you are good to go! Just go under the Advanced tab (it has a little chip on a green board icon) and on the bottom tick Limit Video FPS and choose your desired FPS. PS: You can use the free version. It works more or less like Winrar, where it will always stay free, while you just have to wait a handful of seconds when the program starts.
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      7 months ago
    • Weltall added FPS Limiter as a feature to Dxtory
      7 months ago