CrashPlan lets you automatically back up your hard drive to another computer. The program offers secure cloud storage, in addition to local backups, and continuous, minute-by-minute backup. All backed-up files are encrypted.



Pricing Information

One time purchase (perpetual license)

Supported Platforms

Mac Windows Linux Online Android iPhone iPad

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Backup Apps and Backup and Restore for PC

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AES encryption Automatic Backup Backup Encrypted backups File Versioning Incremental backup Multiple languages Unlimited storage Add a feature


Backup & Sync


Discontinued offsite-backup online-backup peer-to-peer-backup


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CrashPlan just announced that they will be discontinuing the service for home users in October 2018, focusing on enterprise customers instead. I...

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I have been using CrashPlan for more than 6 months. It works but it is too CPU intensive for a background desktop backup solution. I would like it if it were more lightweight. My Windows 10 hangs up...

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