Too many windows on your screen? Stop wasting your productivity. AquaSnap brings new easy and efficient ways to manage multiple applications.

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      Just the right amount of features. Perhaps even a few too many for my need – the shake to close and transparent while dragging features I don't fancy – however those can be easily disabled! To be honest, when testing the app (in trial mode) maybe 2 months back, the tray icon used to silently crash … a lot. So I left the app for that reason … but later on decided to come back and try again (which I rarely do when apps present bugs during trial). Since its features are so damn simple and good, and the memory footprint seems to be virtually nothing, I gave it another shot anyway. And nope! For me, the silent crash is completely nonexistent! Thefore buying without a doubt! It's currently the best window snapper/dohickey I've found for Windows (and I'm spoiled coming from macOS world where these kind of apps are abundant). The feature I like most (can't mention all here) is double-clicking window edges and corners to have the windows expand until reaching another border (snapping elements can be set in the preferences). That alone is why I'm buying this app.
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      4 months ago