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      Pros and Cons based on Public Beta experience: [+] Faster [+] Built-in Photo Filters and Effects [+] Photoshop-like Layer management [+] Intuitive TOC generation based on styles [+] Styles setup on the panel is convenient. [+] Intuitive Table Style options [?] No subscription [-] No color separation preview [-] Slow path editing, changes appears with small lag. [-] No Pure Black viewport options. [-] Inch values are changing as integers when using arrow keys [-] No GREP alternatives [-] No IDML import like in Quark \| **Is presented in latest releases 1.8.x, not tested by me yet.** [-] No independent cell styles [-] Non-convenient Overprint color option (available only as Global Color option) and doesn't work after PDF export at the moment (may be a bug) [-] No EPUB mastering [-] No linked/embeds explorer [-] No manual table cells sorting [-] Blurry UI fonts (maybe bug, it's dynamically changes while moving) [-] Leaves registry data keys after uninstallation. _[Edited by M_O_Z_G, March 31]_
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