• Planoplan

    Planoplan allows you to create floor plans, arrange the furniture, change the texture and choose the appropriate color in real time. You don't need complicated, expensive and resource-intensive computer programs.


    Planoplan icon

    Freemium Mac Windows Web Unity

  • Shade 3D

    Shade 3D modeling, animation, rendering and effects is a complete, integrated solution for 3D artists, designers and film makers.


    Shade 3D icon

    Commercial Mac Windows iPhone Unity

  • Applanga

    Applanga is a flexible & easy to use cloud-based platform that automates the translation process for iOS, Android, OSX, Unity and web apps.


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    Freemium $ $ $ Mac Linux Web Android iPhone Java Mobile Android Tablet iPad ... Amazon Appstore Apple Watch Xcode Android Wear Xamarin Studio Android Studio Daydream Unity Unity Web Player Fire TV Gear VR Google Play Store Chromecast

  • Heroic Labs Managed Cloud

    Grow and scale your games effortlessly with Nakama. Managed Cloud ensures your Nakama servers are always available, regularly backed up and can be scaled up in a moment's notice for your games and apps.


    Heroic Labs Managed Cloud icon

    Commercial Web Windows Mobile Android iPhone Java Mobile Chrome OS Android Tablet Windows Phone ... iPad Apple Watch Apple TV Unity Playstation Xbox

  • Squab Pie

    Reactive arena action game for creative guys! Build and customise your own abilities to fight against enemy team. Or smash each other in deathmatch mode using your own gamestyle and tactics!.


    Squab Pie icon

    Free Mac Windows Unity

  • Live2D Cubism

    Live2D is the world's first drawing technology to enable 3D rendering of 2D images.


    Live2D Cubism icon

    Free Personal Mac Windows Unity FaceRig

  • Nakama

    Nakama is an open-source distributed social and realtime server for games and apps.


    Nakama icon

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Web Self-Hosted Unity

  • Anyline

    Anyline is a mobile text recognition SDK enabling developers to build text recognition apps without having any knowledge about OCR.


    Anyline icon

    Commercial Android iPhone Windows Phone iPad Xamarin Studio Unity Appcelerator Titanium Apache Cordova

  • Armikrog

    stop motion clay animated adventure game from the creators of the Earthworm Jim and The Neverhood.


    Armikrog icon

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Unity Kickstarter Steam GOG.com Playstation ... SteamOS Xbox

  • 2D TopDown Plateformer

    This editor contains many characters parts, unique tiles, bridge, multiple levels, 2d lights ... and many more. This engine has been made with Unity, so you can export your game to Android, Mac, Mobile, PC...


    2D TopDown Plateformer icon

    Commercial Mac Windows Unity

  • Track Racing Online

    Perform dynamic, high-speed aerial stunts in an intense driving experience powered by a brand-new physics engine!.


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    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Android Unity Facebook Unity Web Player

  • FRIEND Engine

    FRIEND engine is a new implementation of the FRIEND software, a fMRI neurofeedback processing package that has been on the NITRC website since Oct 2013.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Python Unity MATLAB

  • Nimble Parse

    The obvious alternative to Parse. Nimble Parse is a Parse.com compatible API. We support Objects, Users, Sessions, Roles and Cloud Code.


    Nimble Parse icon

    Commercial Mac Linux Web Android iPhone Chrome OS Android Tablet iPad ... Self-Hosted Unity Unity Web Player Node.JS

  • DarkRift Networking

    DarkRift Networking is a high performance, multithreaded networking system for Unity designed for speed and flexibility.


    Free Android Unity

  • World Creator

    World Creator is a landscape generator that is fully GPU powered and features a powerful array of artist driven creative tools.


    World Creator icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Mac Windows Unity

  • Trick a Slick

    Trick a Slick is a Free-to-Play 2D puzzle game in which the main character – a petty thief runs through the corridors of the maze, collecting wealth. His main task is not to catch the eye of Keepers, otherwise – death.


    Trick a Slick icon

    Commercial Web Unity Facebook