Microsoft has launched a unified Office app for iPad that includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

8 months ago by IanDorfman

Following Microsoft launching a smart device optimized version of Microsoft Office for Android and iPhone back in 2019, the company went a bit silent concerning native iPad compatibility. Today, the company has released an update to the iOS version that implements full compatibility with iPadOS and the tech giant's iPad product line.

As originally reported by Tom Warren for The Verge, the unified Small Microsoft Office Suite iconMicrosoft Office Suite app for iPad, which bundles Small Microsoft Office Excel iconMicrosoft Office Excel, Small Microsoft Office Powerpoint iconMicrosoft Office Powerpoint, and Small Microsoft Word iconMicrosoft Word, is now available. Instead of running the iPhone version of the app blown up on the iPad's screen, it now natively supports each iPad model's display. Other iPadOS features that aren't available on the iPhone version of the suite, such as support for mouse and trackpads.

Despite this unified Office app being available, standalone versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are still available for iPad. The future of these apps is as of yet uncertain, though feature parity is present. Certain mobile device-specialized features, including PDF creation, document signing, image conversion to text-based elements (such as tables), and others, are also available.

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