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Microsoft accompanies its annual Build 2020 with a slew of announcements

over 2 years ago by IanDorfman

Microsoft's annual Build event went all digital this year in light of the coronavirus outbreak, and several announcements were made over the course of its 3-day run. As the event is historically focused on developers, these announcements were primarily aimed towards their interests along with enterprise and power users.

The five main categories that Microsoft announced new features for include Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Windows 10, Microsoft Bing and Microsoft Edge, and the overall security of Microsoft's hardware and software. In addition to these 5 main categories, multiple acquisition and open source announcements were made, including the purchase of automation vendor Softomotive and open sourcing of 1983's GW-BASIC and the Fluid Framework collaboration tool for Office.

A repository of all of the new announcements from Build 2020 is available at Microsoft's official site

Further coverage: ZDNet

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