Facebook Dating launch stalled in Europe due to not disclosing privacy configuration

Written 11 months ago by IanDorfman

Facebook finds itself battling government regulation in Europe yet again. The company's latest project, Facebook Dating, cannot launch in Europe yet due to failing to disclose information concerning its privacy protection for users.

In a statement by the Irish Data Protection Commission, Facebook's Ireland office had contacted them about the social network's new dating functionality merely 10 days befor they had intended to launch it. Additionally, according to the DPC, "no information/documentation was provided to [the commission] on 3 February in relation to the Data Protection Impact Assessment or the decision-making processes that were undertaken by Small Facebook iconFacebook Ireland." After this, the commission sent over staff members to Facebook's Irish office on February 10th in order to acquire the required documentation.

The acquisition of the required documents failed to bear fruit, and because of this, Facebook was legally acquired to postpone the European launch of Dating until it is compliant. In the meantime, dedicated dating sites and services such as Small Tinder iconTinder remain widely available and viable while also maintaining GDPR compliant privacy standards.

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