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Windows 10's "Sets" tabbed apps feature will no longer be implemented

over 2 years ago by IanDorfman

Sets, which would have allowed Windows 10 users to group together different applications (such as Office, the Microsoft Store, and Edge) into one window separated by tabs, is no longer being developed and will no longer appear in upcoming Windows 10 updates.

The feature was originally scheduled to be implemented in the April 2018 Small Windows 10 iconWindows 10 update, but was delayed. Following multiple changes in direction for the development of multiple apps that Sets targeted to support, such as Small Microsoft Edge iconMicrosoft Edge's shift from a proprietary engine to the open source Small Chromium iconChromium, the decision was made to cease development.

Though Sets will no longer be implemented, tab-based navigation will still be coming to the Small PowerShell iconPowerShell console. This feature was originally announced alongside Sets, utilizing the same underlying technology. Now that Sets is no more, however, tabs in the console will have to be implemented without the use of Sets as a foundation.

In the meantime, tabbed browsing for PowerShell can be added using the likes of Small QTTabBar iconQTTabBar, Small Clover iconClover, and Small TabExplorer iconTabExplorer.

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