Microsoft Excel will allow users to import spreadsheets via photographs

Written 2 weeks ago by IanDorfman

Microsoft's Excel software is getting a new feature on smart devices: The ability to take photos of spreadsheets and import them into the app. After the photo is taken and the data is imported, you can enter in any missing data or corrections that stem from Small Microsoft Office Excel iconMicrosoft Office Excel inaccurately parsing the photo. This image recognition-based feature is powered by artificial intelligence.

This photo spreadsheet import feature is being added in order to save time when people input data that either only exists or is only accessible from a physical copy. As stated by Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365 Kirk Koenigsbauer in an official blog post describing the feature, "This new image recognition functionality eliminates the need for you to manually enter hardcopy data."

Support for importing photos of spreadsheets is rolling out now on the Small Android iconAndroid version of the Excel app, with the iOS app getting support for the feature soon. The feature will be available exclusively for Small Microsoft Office 365 iconMicrosoft Office 365 subscribers.

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