Zenkit releasing Wiki View functionality today

almost 2 years ago by IanDorfman

The Zenkit collaborative software as a service project management suite is releasing a new way to display content for teams. The new format, called Wiki View, is designed to be approachable for those that prefer to view content in a more article like format like Small Wikipedia iconWikipedia as opposed to the more list and kanban-style approaches to content like Small Trello iconTrello and Small Todoist iconTodoist.

Small Zenkit iconZenkit's new Wiki View has a variety of use cases that the service's other views may not accomplish as well. For instance, new employee onboarding can be handled in a much more comprehensive and universally easy to understand way using the article format that Wiki View provides as opposed to the more "in progress" structure of calendar, hierarchical, kanban, list, or table views.

Wiki View allows for Zenkit users to embed collections, files, and items into the content they write, allowing for previously written in content in one of the other formats to be easily linked to and readable within the content they choose to display in Wiki View. This also means that Wiki View supports "nested content" that can be structured in subsections. It also allows for images to enrich the appearance of the content on display. Further appearance and content customization includes the ability for those that wish to view your content to sort and display content by custom parameters that you can set.

This Wiki View can be used both for internal use within those working on a project or published and shared publicly, allowing Zenkit to be usable for not just project management, but for basic content publishing as well.

Zenkit is free for personal use, with pricing for power and professional use detailed on the official website. The site also utilizes its own software in order to show its upcoming feature roadmap, which includes a gantt chart view, a "what you see is what you get" editor for text, and integration with services like Small Google Drive iconGoogle Drive and Small Slack iconSlack.

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