• Sysdig

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Sysdig is open source, system-level exploration: capture system state and activity from a running Linux instance, then save, filter and analyze. Think of it as strace + tcpdump + lsof + awesome sauce.
    With a little Lua cherry on top.


    Sysdig icon
  • AdwCleaner

    Free Windows Website

    AdwCleaner is an easy-to-use OS security utility that allows you to get rid of adware on your computer in seconds, by quickly scanning the system.

    The program detects and brings to light any adware, PUP / LPI (Potentially Unwanted Software), toolbars and programs that gain control over your computer.

    The program interface and ease of use deserve attention. You do not need to install anything, just double-click on the application icon and the program is ready to use. Another click - and your computer may forget about unwanted programs.

    AdwCleaner will greatly improve the security of your computer. Download the program and write it to your flash drive. Using AdwCleaner you will save the computer from many problems.


    AdwCleaner icon
  • Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool

    Free Windows Website

    Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool is a free software intended to disinfect infected computers, removing viruses, Trojans, and spyware, as well as any other types of malware. Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool 2011 uses the same highly efficient algorithms for detecting malware as Kaspersky Anti-Virus. Algorithms include a full-functional anti-virus scanner, technologies developed for detecting vulnerabilities in installed applications and operating systems, and a technology for running scripts intended for removing complex and compound viruses. The utility can be used as a free anti-virus software.

    Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool is not intended for real-time protection of computer. After the disinfection of the computer is complete, the application should be uninstalled from the hard drive and replaced with the real-time protection anti-virus:


    Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool icon
  • amavisd-new

    Free Linux Website

    amavisd-new is a high-performance interface between mailer (MTA) and content checkers: virus scanners, and/or SpamAssassin. It is written in Perl for maintainability, without paying a significant price for speed. It talks to MTA via (E)SMTP or LMTP, or by using helper programs.


  • Vistumbler

    Free Windows Website

    Vistumbler is a wireless network scanner and mapping utility designed for Windows Vista and above


    Find Wireless access points - Uses the Vista command 'netsh wlan show networks mode=bssid' to get wireless information
    GPS Support
    Export/Import access points from Vistumbler TXT/VS1/VSZ or Netstumbler TXT/Text NS1
    Export access point GPS locations to a google earth kml file or GPX(GPS eXchange format)
    Live Google Earth Tracking - Auto KML automatically shows access points in google earth.
    Speaks Signal Strength using sound files, windows sound api, or MIDI
    Open Source (GPLv2 License / Written in AutoIt Scripting Language)
    Importable databases from Kismet and WigleWiFi


    Vistumbler icon
  • No Autorun

    Free Windows Website

    A tool to block viruses in USB flash/disk from auto-running. When a USB disk is inserted, this tool not only locks the "autorun.inf" file, but also locks all the autorun-related virus and other suspicious files.


    No Autorun icon
  • SSHGuard

    Free Mac Linux Website

    SSHGuard monitors services through their logging activity. It reacts to messages about dangerous activity by blocking the source address with the local firewall. SSHGuard employs a clever parser that can transparently recognize several logging formats at once (syslog, syslog-ng, metalog, multilog, raw messages), and detects attacks for many services out of the box, including SSH, several ftpds, and dovecot. It can operate all the major firewalling systems, and features support for IPv6, whitelisting, suspension, and log message authentication.


    SSHGuard icon
  • Samhain

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    The Samhain host-based intrusion detection system (HIDS) provides file integrity checking and log file monitoring/analysis, as well as rootkit detection, port monitoring, detection of rogue SUID executables, and hidden processes.

    Samhain been designed to monitor multiple hosts with potentially different operating systems, providing centralized logging and maintenance, although it can also be used as standalone application on a single host.

    Samhain is an open-source multiplatform application for POSIX systems (Unix, Linux, Cygwin/Windows).


  • Shiela USB Shield

    Free Windows Website

    Protects PC against viruses from infected removable drives.

    Shiela USB Shield (formely Shiela Rescue Shield) is a powerful first line defense against virus from infected removable drives. it locks autorun.inf and associate executable files in multiple instance, Delete/Freeze the shortcut file or clone file, and restores the original automatically. Features: Absolutely free, Open source, Lightweight and fast, Full first-line protection against virus, Automatic file fixing for the files affected by a virus, Multiple locking of autorun.inf and its associate executable file, USB write protection and USB mass storage control, Includes USB vaccination tool, Equipped with file and folder unhiding tool


    Shiela USB Shield icon
  • Lynis

    Free Mac Linux BSD Website

    Security auditing tool for systems running Linux, macOS, BSD, and other UNIX-based systems. It helps with compliance checking, finding vulnerabilities, and system hardening.


    Lynis icon
  • Cuckoo Sandbox

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Android Website

    Cuckoo Sandbox is a modular, automated malware analysis system. Running from command-line on a Linux or Mac host, it uses python and virtualization (VirtualBox, QEMU-KVM, etc) to create an isolated Windows guest environment to safely and automatically run and analyze files to collect comprehensive file behavior analysis. These results outline what the malware does while running inside an isolated Windows operating system, including Win32 API calls, files created/deleted, memory dumps, network traffic trace, screenshots of execution behavior, and full memory dumps of virtual machines. is a free, non-commercial, closed-source example of a running instance of Cuckoo Sandbox while also using VirusTotal (Google subsidiary) APIs and libraries to present the file analysis.

    Supported Host Operating Systems: GNU/Linux (Debian/Ubuntu preferred), Mac OS X
    Required Host Software: Python-2.7, Virtualization (VirtualBox, QEMU-KVM, etc)
    Supported Virtualized Operating Systems: Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows Vista, Windows 7


    Cuckoo Sandbox icon
  • Tripwire

    Free Linux Website

    Open Source Tripwire software is a security and data integrity tool useful for monitoring and alerting on specific file change(s) on a range of systems.


    Tripwire icon
  • PacketFence

    Free Linux Website

    PacketFence is a Free and Open Source network access control (NAC) system. PacketFence is actively maintained and has been deployed in numerous large-scale institutions over the past years. It can be used to effectively secure networks - from small to very large heterogeneous networks.


    PacketFence icon
  • Fail2ban

    Free Linux Website

    Fail2ban scans log files (e.g. /var/log/apache/error_log) and bans IPs that show the malicious signs -- too many password failures, seeking for exploits, etc. Generally Fail2Ban is then used to update firewall rules to reject the IP addresses for a specified amount of time, although any arbitrary other action (e.g. sending an email) could also be configured. Out of the box Fail2Ban comes with filters for various services (apache, courier, ssh, etc).

    Fail2Ban is able to reduce the rate of incorrect authentications attempts however it cannot eliminate the risk that weak authentication presents. Configure services to use only two factor or public/private authentication mechanisms if you really want to protect services.


    Fail2ban icon
  • Joe Sandbox

    Freemium Web Website

    Joe Sandbox detects and analyzes potential malicious files and URLs on Windows, Android, Mac OS, Linux, and iOS for suspicious activities. It performs deep malware analysis and generates comprehensive and detailed analysis reports.


    Joe Sandbox  icon
  • TDSSKiller

    Free Windows Website

    Kaspersky Lab has developed the TDSSKiller utility that allows removing rootkits.


    TDSSKiller icon
  • AIDE

    Free Linux Website

    AIDE (Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment) is a file and directory integrity checker.

    It creates a database from the regular expression rules that it finds from the config file(s). Once this database is initialized it can be used to verify the integrity of the files. It has several message digest algorithms (see below) that are used to check the integrity of the file. All of the usual file attributes can also be checked for inconsistencies. It can read databases from older or newer versions.


  • SecurityOnion

    Free Linux Self-Hosted Website

    Security Onion is a free and open source Linux distribution for intrusion detection, enterprise security monitoring, and log management.


    SecurityOnion icon
  • SHADE Sandbox

    Commercial Windows Website

    Sandbox application, works for all versions of windows (XP - Win 10), both 32 & 64 bit.


    SHADE Sandbox icon
  • Osquery

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD Website

    osquery is an operating system instrumentation framework for Windows, OS X (macOS), Linux, and FreeBSD. The tools make low-level operating system analytics and monitoring both performant and intuitive.

    osquery exposes an operating system as a high-performance relational database. This allows you to write SQL queries to explore operating system data. With osquery, SQL tables represent abstract concepts such as running processes, loaded kernel modules, open network connections, browser plugins, hardware events or file hashes.


    Osquery icon
  • MailScanner

    Free Linux Website

    MailScanner is a open source email security system design for Linux-based email gateways. It is used at over 30,000 sites around the world, protecting top government departments, commercial corporations and educational institutions.


    MailScanner icon
  • Any.Run

    Freemium Web Website

    Interactive malware hunting service. Any environments ready for live testing most type of threats. Without install. Without waiting.

    Interactive online malware analysis service for dynamic and static research of most types of threats using any environments. Replaces a set of tools for research.

    The service can be used for a convenient in-depth analysis of new (unidentified) malicious objects, as well as for the investigation of cyber incidentals.


    Any.Run icon
  • Gufw

    Free Linux Website

    Gufw is an easy, intuitive way to manage your Linux firewall. It supports common tasks such as allowing or blocking pre-configured, common p2p, or individual ports port(s), and many others! Gufw is powered by Uncomplicated Firewall (ufw).


    Gufw icon
  • Maltrail

    Free Linux Self-Hosted Website

    Maltrail is a malicious traffic detection system, utilizing publicly available (black)lists containing malicious and/or generally suspicious trails, along with static trails compiled from various AV reports and custom user defined lists, where trail can be anything from domain name (e.g. for Banjori malware), URL (e.g. hXXp:// for known malicious executable), IP address (e.g. for known attacker) or HTTP User-Agent header value (e.g. sqlmap for automatic SQL injection and database takeover tool). Also, it uses (optional) advanced heuristic mechanisms that can help in discovery of unknown threats (e.g. new malware).


    Maltrail icon
  • AVCaesar

    Free Personal Web Website online scanner and malware repository. Your suspicious files can be analysed by a set of antivirus.


    AVCaesar icon

    Free Web Website

    REVERSS can analyze executables, URLs and PCAP files. It also show statistical data about found infections and the affected countries, etc. You can send the samples anonymously or logged in with Google to scan it privately.


  • Malice

    Free Mac Windows Linux Self-Hosted Docker Website

    Malice's mission is to be a free open source version of VirusTotal that anyone can use at any scale from an independent researcher to a fortune 500 company.


    Malice icon

    Free Web Website

    As a malicious codes analysis service platform based on cloud and big data, collects files to analyze automatically and to generate meaningful profiling information in order to provide cyber threats intelligence service.

  • Valkyrie by Comodo

    Free Web Website

    Valkyrie is a file verdict system that conducts several analysis using run-time behavior and hundreds of features from a file.


    Valkyrie by Comodo icon

    Free Web Website is a free malware analysis service powered by Using this service you can submit files for in-depth behavior analysis.

  • grsecurity

    Commercial Linux Website

    Role-based access control system, least privilege memory protection, chroot restriction, etc.


    grsecurity icon
  • Chkrootkit

    Free Linux Website

    Chkrootkit is a Linux tool to locally check for signs of a rootkit. It contains:

    • chkrootkit: shell script that checks system binaries for rootkit modification.
    • ifpromisc.c: checks if the interface is in promiscuous mode.
    • chklastlog.c: checks for lastlog deletions.
    • chkwtmp.c: checks for wtmp deletions.
    • chkproc.c: checks for signs of LKM trojans.
    • chkdirs.c: checks for signs of LKM trojans.
    • strings.c: quick and dirty strings replacement.
    • chkutmp.c: checks for utmp deletions.


    Chkrootkit icon
  • Linux Malware Detect

    Free Linux Website

    Linux Malware Detect (LMD) is a malware scanner for Linux released under the GNU GPLv2 license, that is designed around the threats faced in shared hosted environments.


  • Firejail

    Free Linux Website

    Firejail is a SUID security sandbox program that reduces the risk of security breaches by restricting the running environment of untrusted applications using Linux namespaces and seccomp-bpf.


    Firejail icon
  • Tiger

    Free Linux Website

    Tiger is a Linux security tool that can be use both as a security audit and intrusion detection system.

    Tiger can be used as an audit tool and a host intrusion detection system tool. Free Software intrusion detection is currently going many ways: network IDS, kernel, file integrity and log checkers and logcheckers. But few of them focus on the host-side of intrusion detection fully.

    Tiger complements these tools and also provides a framework in which all of them can work together.


  • kicom

    Free Windows Linux Website

    KicomAV is an open source (GPL v2) antivirus engine designed for detecting malware and disinfecting it.


    kicom icon
  • Download Virus Checker

    Free Mac Windows Linux Chrome Opera ... Firefox Website

    Download Virus Checker provides automatic check for all your downloads through 68 online anti-virus solutions. Basically the extension sends your download link to VirusTotal service and wait for its response.


    Download Virus Checker icon
  • simplewall

    Free Windows Website

    Simple tool to configure Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) which can configure network activity on your computer.


    simplewall icon

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