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Apps with 'Convert HTML pages to PDF' feature

  1. Pandoc is a Haskell library for converting from one markup format to another, and a command-line tool that uses this library.
  2. wkhtmltopdf is an open source (LGPL) command line tools to render HTML into PDF and various image formats using the QT Webkit rendering engine. These run entirely "headless" and do not require a display or display service.

  3. Convert any HTML documents to PDF with a single POST request.
  4. WeasyPrint is a visual rendering engine for HTML and CSS that can export to PDF. It aims to support web standards for printing.
  5. Easily save a web page as a document (PDF, WORD, EPUB, ODT, RTF or Text).
  6. Athena is an elegant, Docker-powered PDF converter. It's a drop-in replacement for wkhtmltopdf built using Docker , Electron and .


    The official website is unavailable, and the last release is from 2018.

    • Free PersonalProprietary
    • Mac
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • Self-Hosted
    One of the best HTML to PDF converter. Gives you immense control over the process and great customization with CSS. Support for JavaScript and SVG.
  7. Nevron Writer is a Free Text Processor, which serves as replacement of the Microsoft Word text editor in the most popular desktop operating systems used nowadays - Windows and Mac.


    Last version is v2016, which shows the last time it was updated

  8. Document automation software that integrates with your favorite apps to generate documents seamlessly.
  9. Docupilot lets you create documents from intelligent templates and your data sources like CRM, HR management, Online Database and sends the created documents as email or to your favorite apps like Docusign, Dropbox, Zapier, etc.
  10. will turn any webpage into a PDF file instantly.
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  11. Easily generate high quality PDF documents (and images) from HTML or templates. Fast, scalable and privacy focused PDF generation API. Save directly to your own S3 bucket if desired. Send documents via email at the time of creation.
  12. *Save your favorite web content to PDF and view it anytime, anywhere*


    Official website and app unavailable.

  13. Icecream PDF Converter is a software for conversion of files of multiple formats to PDF as well as for conversion of PDF files to them. Software has 2 modes that are To PDF and From PDF.