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  1. Cloud Instances are instances which could be accessed from anywhere and any time to fit customers computing requirements, its completely designed for customers needs, its generally easily extendable, secure and it could be deployed just in seconds.
  2. Ikoula is an established web and domain name hosting with a long history dating back to 1998. They provide domain name hosting, share, VPS and dedicated hosting, among other network services.
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  3. Cloud Workspace® Management Suite (CWMS) allows you to easily provision and manage your own cloud workspace solution, using the infrastructure, hypervisor and other technologies you already offer your End Customers.
  4. Run by The Claw - an auto-scaling and load balancing secure cloud server platform with no single point of failure. Run with all RAID-10 Samsung Enterprise SSDs and high end 48 core Xeons along with friendly local business support for Tassies.
  5. Since 1998, iPage has been a leader in the website hosting industry by providing fast, reliable unlimited hosting with a FREE domain name at a great price.
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    Deal On Cloud is offering wide range of Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers and Web Hosting services to its varied clientele across the globe. Products and Services ranging from Cloud Dedicated servers, VPS hosting, business email solutions.
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  6. Fully customisable hosting plans and fully managed VPS hosted on SSD.
  7. Go4hosting is a leading IT service provider, dealing in dedicated servers, virtual private networks, virtual private servers, platforms, managed email hosting, multi-cloud solutions that pick out the apt features from Amazon, Alibaba etc.
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    • CapRover
    • Software as a Service (SaaS)
    • Heroku
    • AWS Cloud9
    • OpenShift
    Umbler is a relatively new company with a leaner proposal: its hosting and additional services are entirely in the cloud, which requires a high-performance IT infrastructure to ensure speed, uptime and scalability.
  8. LetsCloud takes cloud computing to a higher level with the best resources for developers.
  9. A Managed Cloud Hosting company that provides cost effective solutions with a truly Fully Managed Team with over 16 Years in business. Team Knowledge expands over just server technology to the actual applications and web, mobile and IOT solutions.
  10. Warewolf is a low-code software development tool, designed to do the heavy lifting and tedious tasks that are repetitive and process heavy.
  11. We have a vision for simple yet super powerful cloud hosting. We want web agencies and freelancers all over the world to be able to manage there clients websites, not there hosting.
  12. Engine Yard Cloud is a top Platform as a Service (PaaS) for a wide range of applications, from small-scale web applications that run within a single compute instance, to large-scale enterprise applications that require the reliability, elasticity and performance of...