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Ada Byron
Top positive comment

Namecheap is the best of the best if you fit into their audience. However, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Make sure they fit your needs before hopping all on board. They can save you a ton of money, be the easiest to manage, and be the most privacy-centric of any US-based registrar / hosting company if they fit your needs. THEY ARE NOT FOR YOU IF this is your first website and it is essential for your business or brand, especially if not technical. That is the other side of the other coin; I have seen places lose thousands on sales and lost time when they should have paid someone a few thousand dollars to 'set it and forget it'. My only issue is support, they provide you keys to the kingdom but always have to open a ticket. Maybe if I spend more, I will get 'Live Chat,' but at my current time, Live Chat is never available due to demand. Support is quick and all. It is just a pain, and with how great they are with everything else, I would not even mind entering a ticket if it were a more realistic expectation. They provide you with so much free material with packages in terms of tutorials, guides, knowledge base, etc., that you can do more once you have time to learn things, that is simply not the most effective thing for me when I think support will be chat, but it never is.

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Eric Santos
Top positive comment

Excellent DNS service with an excellent quality/price ratio. Godaddy's DNSSEC is paid monthly and is more expensive. The HostGator doesn't even have it. In Namecheap, the basic DNS plan already has DNSSEC and the paid DNS service is more complete and cheaper. They also accept bitcoin, this is very good! In addition, they even protect your personal data in the whois search for one year free of charge.

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Top negative comment

Wanted to really enjoy Namecheap and their product. I've owned domain's with GoDaddy for years and have never had any particular issue beyond it being expensive.

Started my move towards Privacy online in the recent months and decided I wanted to get away from GoDaddy and the likes. Heard/Read many good things among the Privacy oriented about Namecheap. Provided the same credentials during sign-up as I did to GoDaddy, only to have the account suspended without warning.

Namecheap simply prevents you from logging in, and then directs you to go submit a ticket because you know, there's nothing more user-friendly then forcing customers to come to you to figure out why your account is suspended. During the suspension, you are forced to create a separate login account specifically for submitting that ticket - because yours is suspended and you are locked out.

They then let you wait for over 24 hours before responding to your request for some explanation. Direct you to take a photo of your credit card and provide them with a phone number so that they may "verify", all the while collecting more metadata. The website service they send you to is, and here you are unable to upload a photo you've scrubbed metadata. Instead they want you to utilize a live camera of some sort - most people would be inclined to use a cell phone no doubt, where they will continue to glean more data regarding you.

Keep in mind, all of this hassle over a $33 3-year domain registration. What an absolute farce.

Note, ICANN policies are fairly strict - keep in mind I've provided the exact same credentials with another provider without issue and satisfied ICANN.

I Would strongly recommend to avoid this service. Like many other things these days, the focus on privacy and security is actually marketing.

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Negative comment

Really ugly UI/UX

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Negative comment

Utterly terrible. Don't even consider a purchase from namecheap. They stole money from me, didn't give me the service i paid for and wouldn't refund me! After 10 emails back and forward they just kept copying and pasting the same 3 line script they had in front of them. It is entirely within their policy that they can suspend your site for any reason they see fit and not ever refund you. Absolute scam. And beyond terrible customer service.

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Kristi Çunga
Positive comment

One of the best client services I've ever had. Keep it up!

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Ikki Taguchi
Positive comment

Great domain registrar, cool design, clean UI, nice tool, nice prices.

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