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      Unfortunately, the software's developer has not responded to my questions, and I will probably have to ask for a refund. The idea behind this software is quite good. But it still does not well accomodate high resolution monitors or laptop screens. I use a Microsoft Surface Book with a 3000 X 2000 pixel display and MS Windows 2016. Here's the problem: The latest version claims to adjust to high resolution monitors by allowing you to change the size of the font from 100% to 95% or maybe 150%. So far so good. This design is flawed, because the developer is using ActiveX or some other controls for a left pane hierarchy and a tab control across the top of the middle pane. It should be obvious that if you increase the font size of the hierarchical display and do not change the row height of its lines, you are doing to get lines that partially or fully overlap each other. Third party controls for hierarchical grids always have a property to set the item height. The developer has failed to adjust the height of the row when the user adjusts the size of the font. Additionally, the tabs at the top of the middle screen do not resize their font. So on a high resolution screen, they are very difficult to read. But not nearly as much as for tags assigned to the document. These are displayed in what surely must be a font of four points and are barely legible with a magnifying glass. Its so unfortunate, that what would otherwise be a fairly useful product is marred by these shortcomings. So I am giving the software author to respond to my request and if these problems are not currently being addressed, will cancel my purchase and get a refund.
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