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  • aharrison reviewed Witch
    Terrible app. Ridiculously fiddly and overcomplicated. Very difficult to get installed and working. Once you finally get it to the point where command-tab is finally functional (it doesn't come enabled, you literally have to manually go in and enable command-tab yourself), it includes lots of background task type stuff that shouldn't appear in a window switcher. I was looking for something to replace hyperswitch. The author of hyperswitch has abandoned it and left it so that it pops up to tell you that the version has expired and to check for updates. 🙄 Aside from that annoyance, hyperswitch is nice and simple, gives you a screen preview thumbnail with no hassle, and it sorts correctly so that apps that you switched to most recently appear first, allowing you to quickly switch between your most recently focused apps. And command-tab works *by default*. Gasp. Not Witch. Switching between so much as your previous Chrome window means lots and lots of keystrokes to navigate through a huge list. Ludicrous. The stock Mac command-tab window switcher is better and easier to use than this thing.
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    about 2 months ago
  • szupie added Witch as alternative(s) to AltTab
    5 months ago
  • Danilo_Venom thinks Command-Tab Plus is an alternative to Witch
    7 months ago