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It is preinstalled on Windows, but No Tabs, Bookmarks, etc


Bookmarks -> Favorites since the days of Win95

Improved in recent years!

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The built-in file manager has been improved in a number of ways with the release of Windows 8 and Windows 10. The keyboard shortcut for creating folders is especially useful (CTRL+SHIFT+N), cannot believe it took this long! File transfers have also been outperforming stand-alone utilities and the UI gives a nice bit of detailed information. The user interface overall is much more streamlined and doesn't show information you don't need, which makes it easy to focus on your current task.

I still need additional software for things like advanced renaming and checksummed file transfers, features I only occasionally use.

Also wish Clover would work properly in order to get tabs back, alternatives don't seem to be as polished.

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Explorer is an Abomination

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I will never use it again. This idiotic shell will no longer have any power over me, over my day, over my health and my workflow. Ever.