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    Packed with nice features like the scheduler, has flexible interface and very eye-friendly color scheme out of the box. Works great, my only complaint is the nagging pop-ups asking for donation now and then. Because of this, don't use Tixati when playing fullscreen games or something. Also the official community is very sensible and responsive to the issues.
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    4 months ago
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    4 months ago
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    **Not worth trying** This client looks fine at first sight, but further usage discovers poor quality and attitude. I must admit it has nice interface, but also has it some ugly bugs and poorly developed features. And the appaling thing is some features present are simply not working properly! The examples are torrents' speed priorities (which are not working), speed limits (which are 100 kB/s at maximum, which is absurd) and beginning and end loading at first (which is not working as well). Also you'll definitely get pissed off when choosing the save path for your torrent, because your recently used folders' list will float beyond the screen's edge, and because every time you need to choose a completely new folder you'll have to pick it all the way from your computer's root folder by folder. There are also other bugs I won't waste time describing. Another concern about this client is it's a closed source application. It's written on it's site that there's no spyware and stuff included, but without the source code it's just their words that can't be confirmed. And as the amount of spying activity on user's valuable data is rapidly increasing nowadays, the risk you're taking by using it is intolerably high. Yes, your torrents list is valuable, because what you download can tell much about you to those who are interested. But the most averting thing is the developer's neglection of users. The only source of support in case you need it is the forum, and when I referred to that forum with a question explicitly directed to developers, THEY DIDN'T BOTHER TO ANSWER TO ME AT ALL. If you just respect yourself, you won't be dealing with this neglective attitude.
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    5 months ago