GNOME System Monitor

    System Monitor is a tool to manage running processes and monitor system resources.

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      Around 60 MB of RSS for 3.36. "Resources" tab can work with simple apps and 40% CPU without significant overhead. "Processes" tab can update at 1 Hz. "Resources" tab can update at 4 Hz. "File systems" tab can update at 1 Hz. It can't: * be transparent and work as overlay * monitor RSS over time for each process * monitor GPU load and memory usage per process (install nvidia-smi for this or alternative) * monitor GPU in detail like load, memory, current clocks, PCIe status (install nvidia-smi for this or alternative) As user it can: * list opened files system wide (with hamburger menu) * list opened files per process (with context menu) * display memory maps for each process * STOP/CONTINUE/KILL processes with shortcuts As super user it can: * can change nice value for each process Questionable default settings: * smoothing on * no process hierarchy * no RSS column * no status column * no F5 hotkey for refresh * quite bulky for OSD/overlay (560 × 341 pixels)
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