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Stylish was added to AlternativeTo by OmgItsTheSmartGuy on Jul 10, 2010 and this page was last updated Sep 9, 2022.

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Syntaxxx Err0r
Top positive commentJul 14, 2018

Okay, so here is my two cents on the app.. Personally i thought of it as a great add on. It made it possible for me to make things look like i wanted them to look vs how their own visionaries had imagined them to be... I've been wondering for some time now when anyone was ever going to notice or bring up the obvious Rhino in the China shop on the subject of privacy and security being sidestepped via this app..

Do i think that the app itself was intentionally doing this violations? were the creators really hoping to steal what nitty gritty details of its patrons from the start.. Probably not, but as their revenue grew, they made have found ways to justify their taking of the info without hesitation.

But everyone seems to forget or overlooks that Stylish, while yes credit goes to its main developers, was also a community project. and those exploits which stole unsuspecting users data, is also to blame for that theft. and in fact they are somewhat deserving of it.. because they were not being mindful of what they were doing.. "NO NO! lets not pay attention to the possible risks that we are potentially putting ourselves in. This makes our life better, and easier, and more pleasing to the eyes. Who care if it might be walking off with my credit card, or making me vulnerable to attack or exploits from anyone, including my own friends, family, and neighbors... BRING ON THE DARKENED PAGES WITH PRETTY PRINT!! FORWARD MARCH DATA THEIVES!"

Despite this revelation that was no revelation to me when it was finally made Main stream news... I still give this a 4/5 , If i found something that was buggy, i just went and used something else... It wasnt that hard to find alternatives for the pages i was seeking alterations for... ...

People need to remember that anything they do online , any one of these apps.. could be found to be in violation of our privacy at any moment.. Including Github, Apple, Android, Google, and our very own .. the day will come for each one of them to face the people for something that is appalling that they are doing...

[Edited by syntaxxxerr0r1, July 14]

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Top negative commentJul 3, 2018

"Stylish" browser extension steals all your internet history

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Negative commentJul 4, 2018

MALWARE Steals your browser history and sends it to the stylish website on a regular basis

Leave this garbage to die and install Stylus.

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Negative commentMar 28, 2018

Why the hell people keep marking Stylish as an open-source project? It used to be, but it is NOT anymore:

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Negative commentJan 19, 2018

Doesn’t support cloud backup

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