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    Reduce eye strain in your browser with this extension that provides a dark theme for browsing.

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      It's becomes better over the version.
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      While it has been one of my most used extensions, it does have it's own share of problems. ___ #### Dynamic Stylesheet Inversion What it does, is generates a more suitable dark theme for the site. Sounds good? There's few catches. - It is CPU-intensive. - There is no sort of cache, which means **EVERY** time you navigate to a new url and back, it will regenerate the style. It would extremely help to have some sort of configurable cache, especially for highly frequented URLs (time-restricted entries. If they go beyond, they are deleted and regenerated). #### Custom Browser Theme Changes the UI tone and color to a different "dark", however impacts Firefox start-up noticeably. #### Other Annoyances The extension shows itself. So. Freaking. Slow. Most times, it is more viable to just try opening it again, until it decides to respond.
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