SparkleShare is a Free Open Source syncing tool. Its light, secure and easy to use. SparkleShare allows you to setup your own servers so you always keep control on your data.

SparkleShare was made to cover certain use cases, but doesn't handle every scenario well. To help you decide if SparkleShare is right for you, here's a few examples of what it does well and less well with smiley faces:

- Frequently changing project files, like text, office documents, and images
- Tracking and syncing files edited by multiple people
- Reverting a file to any point in its history
- Preventing spying on your files on the server using encryption

Not so great:
- Full computer backups
- Large binary files that change often, like video editing projects



Supported Platforms 1 note on SparkleShare's platform support

Mac Windows Linux Self-Hosted

Platform comments

  • Windows “Vista and Seven”

SparkleShare is listed in

Windows Apps and Goodtoknow (WIP)

Links to official SparkleShare sites

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Backup & Sync Development File Sharing Office & Productivity


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We use this great tool for our daily work: The server can be a simple linux server or even a diskstation. Setup of the server needed some time for the first time, but having understood how it works...

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