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  • Gingko

    Write and organize your ideas in Gingko tree documents. Whether building a business or writing a bestseller, Gingko lets your ideas flow naturally into place. ...

    • It can't show only the current document, there's no distraction free mode. It always has these columns that drill down. It doesn't have a cork-board mode or anything similar. Gingko is closer to mind mapping software, like Scrapple. Guest • Oct 2017 • 3 agrees and 2 disagrees Disagree   Agree

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  • True Novelist

    Writing a novel is a large undertaking. True Novelist was created to make the process as easy as possible for authors.

    • It can divide your book into scenes, sub-scenes, and sub-subscenes.... the process goes on. It's the same as offering 'parts' 'chapters' and scenes. Guest • Aug 2018 • 2 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree   Agree
    • This little page is pretty slick, and has what I consider to be Scrivener's main functionality and is hosted online and completely free. The only drawback is that development appears DOA and the creator of the site hasn't made a peep since early 2016. Guest • Sep 2018 Disagree   Agree
    • True Novelist works just like and looks almost identical to Scrivener (making it so there is no learning curb to using it), is purely online so there is no software to download, it is free, gives stats for chapter, entire document, and daily, allows for the setting of daily writing goals, saves automatically and also has snapshots, it has a distraction-free mode, and a night time setting dark theme. True Novelist is truly amazing. Guest • Apr 2017 Disagree   Agree
    • It works so well and it is free. You have no limits and you can really do whatever you want with it. It has a dark mode, works on any device with an internet connection, unlimited scenes, and is designed to be almost the same as Scrivener. Guest • Jul 2018 • 0 agrees and 1 disagrees Disagree   Agree

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  • Hemingway Editor

    Hemingway App makes your writing bold and clear. The Hemingway Editor for Mac and PC highlights common errors. Use it to catch wordy sentences, adverbs, passive voice...

    • Hemingway Editor is primarily an editing tool, and although it's potentially a very useful one, it's not something to write your novel in. Guest • Feb 2018 • 5 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree   Agree
    • Scrivener is used to organize and write novels; Hemingway Editor is for editing. Guest • Sep 2017 • 4 agrees and 1 disagrees Disagree   Agree
    • Scrivener is a novel plaining Software This is a EDITOR clearly not even close to the same thing. Guest • Jun 2018 • 2 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree   Agree
    • Not similar at all to Scrivener. Guest • Jan 2018 Disagree   Agree

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  • ApolloPad

    Great online app for writers, novelists, and bloggers. Manage project timelines, outlines, characters, locations and objects, upload photos and reorganize it all as...

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  • Amazon Storywriter

    Write your screenplay and focus on the story with features like auto-formatting, offline writing, and import/export.

    • It's a very basic text editor, doesn't do much more than auto-format your text after you hit enter. No sections, no corkboard, just one document. Guest • Aug 2018 Disagree   Agree
    • Cloud based, simple, and the power of Amazon behind it. Guest • Mar 2017 • 0 agrees and 2 disagrees Disagree   Agree

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Chrome OS ... Chrome

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  • Novelize

    Novelize is an online novel writing app designed to keep authors on track. It can be used on any device.

    Commercial Web

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  • SuperNotecard

    SuperNotecard is an intuitive tool that uses notecards to capture and organize your ideas. These virtual notecards can be moved into decks, arranged on the screen, or...

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  • Wavemaker - Novel Writing & Planning Software

    Looking for a suite of tools for writing your book? This is not just a text editor it does so much more. Organise your story using timelines, planning boards and the...

    • It's an easy to use program. Looks great, and has some really nice tools. best of all works on my chromebook and on linux too Guest • Yesterday Disagree   Agree
    • Simply the best writing tool for ChromeOS and a strong contender for other operating systems. Guest • 7 hours ago Disagree   Agree

    Free Web

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  • Storyline Creator

    Storyline Creator is an elegant tool to write stories ranging from short stories to novels. It makes it a breeze to draft ideas and to organize your scenes, characters...

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  • Typely

    Typely is precise. Existing tools for improving prose raise so many false alarms that their advice cannot be trusted. Instead, the writer must carefully consider whether...

    • Again you giving use editing tools when we looking for Planing tool like Secrivener do you even look at the tow thing there nothing a like at all. Guest • Jun 2018 • 1 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree   Agree

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  • Nulis

    Tree editor for writers, makes outlining your stories and articles easy, fun, and convenient.

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  • StoryShop

    A story planning app for writers: build worlds, develop your characters and create story beats.

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