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I try as much than I can't to avoid big corp like GAFAM and at the same time looking for open source and great product. I leave in Switzerland, which is a great country for individual privacy. Just for you info, Phil Zimmermann, the inventor of PGP, move from US to Switzerland to be more able protect his privacy.

I have few account with ProtonMail but, never use them on my smart device simply because I don't have Google Play on these device and when I download the ProtonMail APK it won't let's me login because it don't recognize my "GooglePlay" Account, which I think it's just wack to propose an alternative, claiming being secure and working for the privacy than forcing their user to have a Google Account after all.

Since than; I decide to go with Tutanota, which are in Germany, which still great for privacy and even if I still have to download the APK than install it, at least they don't force me to being authenticated by Google to use their App. O their also cheaper and the support is nicer.

Funny fact; en 2017; ProtonMail was victim of severals DDOS, which insane when you think about it because they are hosted at the CERN.


Tutanota have several major advantages over Protonmail:

  1. Fewer DDoS attacks,

  2. they developed search of encrypted email text via a local index file. Basically this means you can search the text of your emails, which is not possible in Protonmail unless you first download your email via their Bridge app,

  3. Yubikey support (this is a limited advantage as they only support Yubikeys in Chrome (Google = yuck!) and Opera (based on Chrome and not open source). Support for Yubikey puts them ahead of Protonmail for 2-factor authentication (and therefore security) but it does not go far enough. Competitors (E.g. Fastmail (not encrypted) offer Yubikey support for all browsers).

  4. Whichever plan you are paying for, you can always ask for more storage. In Protonmail, their Professional plan requires you to add users if you want to go beyond 5GB of storage -- a ridiculous requirement. Protonmail have not through through through their pricing strategy. I am a small business owner and I need something like 8GB for me as the only user, but I also need catch-all addresses. That means I either pay for the Professional package and don't get the storage, or I pay for Visionary, and pay through the nose for what should be stanard.

In the future, Protonmail's muscle, popularity, exposure and expertise will mean that they will win. They will become - in fact, they already have become - the default service for encrypted emailing. But they are also chronically distracted by mission creep. They have developed VPNs and ways of accessing email via the .onion network... and that's all fine. For example, charity workers in privacy-hostile environments, and human rights campaigners and journalists will be better off because of Protonmail, for sure. But if the mission is to move people from services like Gmail, Protonmail aren't doing nearly enough. Where is the search? Where is the calendaring? Where is the search by multiple labels?

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Besides the fact that it is far away from the NSA, the encryption it provides is top notch. The GUI is extremely lovely, simple, and modern. I love it. I am slowly migrating from Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail to this. You should too.


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ProtonMail Web Client

This is the most infuriating web client I have ever used. It's lacking basic features, ease of use and it’s slow.

  • Creating folders and labels is near impossible and incredibly tedious when you have to wade through 160+ pages due to 50 message limit and you also have to move them twice because ProtonMail's delete feature isn't all that.

  • Selecting 'all' messages in any given folder also only selects the first 50 messages.

ProtonMail Import / Export Tool

I had to use this tool because ProtonMail Bridge fails this task badly. So I imported my GMail messages to ProtonMail via it's Import/Export Tool which is very limiting because I had to do this in increments of 1000 (7000+) messages or it would just stop working. The tool would just shut down without warning or notice. Nothing about errors written to the log.

ProtonMail Bridge

Have to leave external email client(s) and log into the website client in order to permanently delete the messages because ProtonMail wants to horde everything despite what it's told. Delete should be delete and not will bombard you with delete confirmation after delete confirmation only to store it in the 'Inbox", the "All Mail" and "Archive" folders anyway. This is also true with dragging and dropping messages from one folder to another. Constant connection timeouts. The list goes on . . .

I joined ProtonMail October 11, 2018 and I'm still trying to get the messages organized. In theory the idea of an external client like Thunderbird or Outlook etc is great until it's not because it brings all the of the ProtonMail Web Client woes with it. Message downloads are very very slow (yes I am aware they are encrypted but something is not right). I shut everything down so that "ProtonMail Bridge" is the only app running. It connects and transfers 2.5-47.1 KiB/sec (less than Dial-up speeds). I have a 10GB network setup and ISP of 500Mbps download / 20Mbps upload. It is just as slow on the website.

ProtonMail iOS App

iPhone/iPad app rarely collects mail due to locks up and spinning ‘working’ icon. I'm forced to shut it down without being able to get recent messages. I finally had to remove the app on all my devices.

  • Freezing
  • Perpetual spinning ’working’ icon
  • Have to login and out again to get the iOS app to refresh any messages
  • Have to login and out again on iOS app to see new mail
  • More spinning icons when trying to change from one folder to the other.
  • This app is non-functional on 4G directly. More lockups.

** Closing Remarks**

ProtonMail has been around for a few years now and should be better then it is. I am (was - moved to G Suite as of 10/21/2018 and incorporated mail client encryption via MailEnvelope/Enigma/GnuPG) a paying client and I do feel that PrtoonMail connections are throttled regardless if paying or not which would explain the slow and constant disconnects. This is still unacceptable when using their tools directly. I realize that they must protect the system from spam, etc. However, too much protection can also be a debilitating thing.

Whether ProtonMail’s target audience is businesses or general users they are going to have to streamline several things to make this more appealing and usable. As it stands ProtonMail is unstable, unable to handle large message databases both online, via mobile, and through the external mail client. And because of this it’s unique feature(s)- privacy via encryption - becomes a 'so what' feature when the service(s) are bugged and lacking. For what ProtonMail can do at this time, which is light emailing, the pricing plans are way too high for what you actually get.

I cannot not recommend ProtonMail to anyone who has more that 1000 messages to manage. Business stay or you’re going to be as frustrated as I am trying to deal with 7000+ messages on an alpha/beta platform. My only regret is that I bought into the hype of what ProtonMail could do.


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As long as ProtonMail is not directly IMAP/SMTP/POP3 compatible in its free standard version, it will be at best, an average mail service.

If you are looking for a good mail service, Posteo is a good alternative.



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Secure email with a great interface. When I started getting into privacy I was worried I would have to make a lot of tradeoffs with convenience, usability, aesthetics... Glad I didn't have to. I upgraded not because I needed the space but I love the service and the mission.


Not working towards improvement

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Lots of promises of "this feature is coming soon" or "we're working on it" or "it's on the roadmap" for email services that one would naturally expect. External client support, longer than 64-character email address, calendar, to-do lists, etc. All the while they're spending the money they're making from their email services on more paid services like ProtonVPN. Two half-baked products != one good product. It has such potential, but the money they're spending shows that their priority isn't trying to make a great (or even good) email service, but to turn more profits.


A good start, but needs Thunderbird compatibility.

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So far, I like it. I received my invite a couple months ago, and have checked in now and then.

Logging in is easy. No problems with the double login (once to access your account, twice to decrypt your email: ProtonMail only has access to your first set of credentials, NOT the second, so if they’re ever strong-armed by the govt à la Lavabit, they’re incapable of turning over your encrypted mails.)

A major downside is the lack of third party client access, however. This is the reason why I haven’t made it my primary address. It’s just too inconvenient, only having access through the browser, when Thunderbird and its ilk are so much faster.

Once Thunderbird compatibility is sorted, however, I could easily imagine switching over to ProtonMail full time. Hope someone’s working on it.


They won't allow IMAP/SMTP ever:

  • I have seen comments about it from 2014, they said: "Planned, we are working on it."
    The Truth is:
  • they generated the PGP keys & they are storing them on their servers, which means they can use it for decrypting your messages
  • if they allowed this feature you would be able to generate your own PGP keys which could make you the ONLY person in the world who is able to decrypt it (makes you a "dangerous" person against gov's agencies. They don't want you to be secure only believe that you are secure, there would be no profit in it, Information,Data=$$$, a lot of $$$)

Protonmail is not secure at all.

  • I think they can&do hand over the keys to anyone who pays a nice price for it. "Same as yahoo", do not believe in a company, they -99.99%- are liars,history proves it over and over again.

Do not blame them. They are just following the fashion. If you want to be secure make your own e-mail server, their monthly fee could cover it anyway.

igenn: you think ? also they have imap/smtp. so your statements are wrong.

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Better use Protonmail than gmail, yahoo, outlook.

You can sent encrypted emails and there no tracking like other companies i mention before.


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Privacy and security-focused email service. Do yourself a big favor and stop using email services like Gmail, Outlook, etc. Stop letting yourself be the product of those big and bad guys.


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Does your data is important for you ?
ProtonMail could not be the privacy based company you think it is.


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Too Pricey, I was using Proton in the beginning but i realized that their service was too expensive compared to other competitors such as Mailfence or Tutanota, and the service is not that different.
Just a quick comparison: A visionary package of Proton costs 30 euro per month when Pro package of Mailfence costs 7.5 euro and it's exactly the same (if don't want to say Mailfence even offer more features).


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Unfortunately, ProtonMail does not support receiving and sending email from other services.


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So I tried making a new account on ProtonMail, since they claim to respect your privacy and do not require verification. The moment I create an account (on tor browser), I am greeted with 'to fight spam, please confirm your identity'. Then, when I try to confirm via email, It says something like 'email verification has been disabled. please try something else'. The only other options, SMS verification and donations, both which expose your true identity.

0/10. Would not recommend.


Not true for me, I could create an account with no previous email, no SMS.

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I love the service, but it could become so much more.

The app is slick and fast, same for the web app, but can benefit from added functionalities such as calendar or improved search.


If you login using beta.protonmail.com, calendar is currently available.