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A good start, but needs Thunderbird compatibility.

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So far, I like it. I received my invite a couple months ago, and have checked in now and then.

Logging in is easy. No problems with the double login (once to access your account, twice to decrypt your email: ProtonMail only has access to your first set of credentials, NOT the second, so if they’re ever strong-armed by the govt à la Lavabit, they’re incapable of turning over your encrypted mails.)

A major downside is the lack of third party client access, however. This is the reason why I haven’t made it my primary address. It’s just too inconvenient, only having access through the browser, when Thunderbird and its ilk are so much faster.

Once Thunderbird compatibility is sorted, however, I could easily imagine switching over to ProtonMail full time. Hope someone’s working on it.

They won't allow IMAP/SMTP ever:

  • I have seen comments about it from 2014, they said: "Planned, we are working on it."
    The Truth is:
  • they generated the PGP keys & they are storing them on their servers, which means they can use it for decrypting your messages
  • if they allowed this feature you would be able to generate your own PGP keys which could make you the ONLY person in the world who is able to decrypt it (makes you a "dangerous" person against gov's agencies. They don't want you to be secure only believe that you are secure, there would be no profit in it, Information,Data=$$$, a lot of $$$)

Protonmail is not secure at all.

  • I think they can&do hand over the keys to anyone who pays a nice price for it. "Same as yahoo", do not believe in a company, they -99.99%- are liars,history proves it over and over again.

Do not blame them. They are just following the fashion. If you want to be secure make your own e-mail server, their monthly fee could cover it anyway.

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Secure email with a great interface. When I started getting into privacy I was worried I would have to make a lot of tradeoffs with convenience, usability, aesthetics... Glad I didn't have to. I upgraded not because I needed the space but I love the service and the mission.

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It´s the best encrypted email that don´t track you recomendded


Not working towards improvement

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Lots of promises of "this feature is coming soon" or "we're working on it" or "it's on the roadmap" for email services that one would naturally expect. External client support, longer than 64-character email address, calendar, to-do lists, etc. All the while they're spending the money they're making from their email services on more paid services like ProtonVPN. Two half-baked products != one good product. It has such potential, but the money they're spending shows that their priority isn't trying to make a great (or even good) email service, but to turn more profits.

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Top security, little too expensive for what you get, although that depends on the individual. Needs to be coupled with calendar/contact capabilities.