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Pocket Casts Features

  1.  Cloud Sync
  2.  Works Offline
  3.  Import/Export OPML Feeds
  4.  Dark Mode
  5.  Ad-free
  6.  Chromecast Support
  7.  AirPlay Support
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  •   Updated Mar 18, 2024
  •   4.12 avg rating
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  •  2,479 Stars
  •  203 Forks
  •  278 Open Issues
  •   Updated Apr 20, 2024
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Top positive commentAug 14, 2015

I had been looking for a long time trying to get a half decent pod-caster for Android. I trialed about 10 different leading apps. I found that Pocket Casts was leagues ahead of everyone else in design, usability and function.

Clinchers for me was the ease of setting up playlists and managing a feed. Also being able to discover new podcasts via the application was a bonus.

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p L
Top positive commentFeb 18, 2024

After Stitcher closed, I had to find a lightweight, useful app that worked on ALL my devices with web interface as well as full featured app. Pocket Casts seems to be the best, full featured , multi-platform app available in 2024. Thanks!

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Top negative commentOct 30, 2022

Every now and then I get duped into trying this """""free""""" ecosystem. It is not free, let's get that out of the way first - the devs SAY they will only charge you for the web player, but the APPS COUNT AS THE WEB PLAYER. So apart from the ANDROID APP, this ecosystem is totally unusable without paying. As in, it will not let you sign in or click anything.


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Duncan Briggs
CommentMar 21, 2024

Pocket Casts scored 2.5 / 5 stars on Amazon Alexa.

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Peter Mello
Positive commentJul 29, 2021

It has all the right settings to let me make it behave precisely as I wish, depending on the podcast and syncs my progress between all my devices. Nothing else I've tried comes close to working so well and reliably.

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Positive commentDec 17, 2020

Simple interface, no account needed.

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Jim Miles
Positive commentMay 11, 2019

I've been a supporting user of Pocket Casts for many years. The positive reviews are easy to find, and I agree with all of them.

My recent issue with it is not big enough to get me to switch to an alternative; I've tried them all, and none come close to Pocket Casts' usability, simplicity, and user options. However, I have rolled back to version 7, since the latest update (ver. 8) broke the pattern of excellence for me.

Personally, I think they update their UI too much. I'm sure as popular as they are, they are deluged with requests and suggestions. But they need to remember that changes risk alienating their most firm supporters.

Honestly, the first version I ever used, I don't what number that was, was already perfect! The best thing about that one was the first feature to be taken away: when it was playing, and your mobile screen was showing the player, the entire screen surface was reactive as a widget; press anywhere on the right third of it, go forward; anywhere on the left, go back-- safest way to listen while driving in the pre-bluetooth days.

Each subsequent version has gotten more feature-rich, but has also consistently made radical enough UI changes to require an annoying process of re-learning it.

If they could somehow keep adding features or making security patches without changing the face of the app, they would get five stars from me.

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